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Does your skin become excessively oily as the day progresses? Do you struggle to keep makeup on for long durations? Finding a good makeup foundation suited for oily skin can seem challenging at the outset. However, with a little exploration, you can find the best foundation for oily skin and make your makeup look perfect. Matte foundation for oily skin renders the skin shine-free and keeps makeup together for longer. When hunting for a foundation for oily skin, a general approach would be to look for foundations that assure ‘oil-free,’ ‘oil-controlling,’ ‘shine-free,’ or ‘non-greasy’ looks.  A whole range of options available in India now caters to different skin tones, skin types, levels of coverage, and various finishes. Well-known brands like Auric Beauty, Note Cosmetique, Paul Penders, Sanfe, etc., offer all these features. So, narrow your search online for the best foundation for oily skin to understand how your skin works and enjoy free home delivery at your convenience.

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Best Foundation For Oily Skin

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Choose the Right Makeup Foundation for Your Oily Skin

Considered a staple by many who use makeup, finding the best foundation for oily skin with price to suit your skin type is an important decision. Using the best foundation for oily skin can help you camouflage minor skin imperfections, create an even skin tone, and get your makeup started. Of the numerous options available, you may want to use different foundation types based on multiple factors – intent, occasion, the finish, and the degree of coverage it renders to your skin. HD foundation for oily skin creates a completely flawless finish. Dark spots, blemishes, even tattoos- with the correct full coverage foundation for oily skin formula, you can create a look that’s ready to face the spotlights! An apt finish that complements your skin type can make or break the final look. So can the selection of the skin tone. The different types of makeup foundations based on the medium formula are described below:

Types of Makeup Foundations


These can be water- or oil-based and can be used with all skin types. The ease of application makes these an ideal option for beginners. Available in light, medium, as well as full coverage, these liquids are versatile. They can last for hours before starting to wear off.  


The major reason for using a powder foundation for oily skin is that these talc-based formulas are known to absorb the excess oil secreted by the skin. Offering light to medium coverage can be applied well with a sponge or brush. You can choose from powder compacts which are pressed, or loose powder foundations. You can expect this foundation to last about a couple of hours when well-applied.


Although not very popular for use with people who have oily skin, you may find a foundation cream for oily skin. These are suitable for people with dry skin as it hydrates the skin. Suitable for longer wear, it can mask fine lines and slight blemishes. The coverage offered by these ranges from medium to full. While a matte cream foundation can last 4 to 5 hours, a cream-based HD foundation can last up to 10 hours!


These can be used on all skin types and work well for people with oily skin. Watery in consistency and easy to spread. However, they tend to set quickly. So, they need to be applied with swift, even strokes. This lightweight formula usually renders a matte/ semi-matte finish and offers medium to full coverage options. These can last for about 2 to 3 hours.


These ‘whipped’ formulas can be used with all skin types. Enriched with tiny bubbles, they are considered an alternative to cream-based foundations. Light in weight, variants offer medium to full coverage with a matte finish. They are best applied with a makeup blending sponge. They usually stay on for about 2 to 3 hours.

Look Good and Feel Great with Top Brands that Sell Foundation for Oily Skin

When it comes to foundations, cosmetic brands spoil patrons for choice. The stick foundation for oily skin offers SPF for skin protection and portability. A liquid foundation for oily skin with anti-ageing ingredients and UVA and UVB factors. Some liquid-based formulas also provide a waterproof foundation for oily skin. Browsing the whole range can give you a better perspective of the alternatives on hand when finding the best foundation for oily skin in India. Brands like Auric Beauty, Note Cosmetique, Paul Penders, Coloressence, etc., offer the best foundation for oily skin. Do choose the one that suits your needs the best. Get on the way to looking great!
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