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Eye makeup is incomplete without an eyeliner. A simple stroke gives definition and depth to your eyes. It is all about the texture, kohl, liquid, or gel. Various types of eyeliner are available in the market, and you can choose any at your convenience, but gel eyeliner will always top the favourite list. You don't have to pull the eyelid like we do while using pencil eyeliner. Gel eyeliners don't dry out as fast as a liquid liner, giving room for correction. Amateurs get intimidated by the versatility of the gel as it works in multiple ways. Thus, get this colossal liner and achieve numerous looks. Learning how to apply gel eyeliner is essential. The liner gels are easily blendable and can give a simple smoky look. It provides a lot of scope for experimenting. Grab your liner gel, and tap some on your eyelid to get smooth and pigmented eye makeup. Get party ready and finish the look by swiping some shimmery eye shadow on it. You can experiment with the liner to try winged liner, cat eyes, fishtail eyes, crease cut liner style, and many more. The popular gel eyeliner brands in India are Coloressence and many more. Always compare the gel eyeliner prices and reviews to make an educated decision before adding them to your cart.

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Master the Art of Gel Eyeliner for Captivating Eyes

If you know your way around gel eyeliner, you can play around with different looks. You can use it to have an intense smoky look to one swipe wing. But how to use gel eyeliner for maximum definition and style is a bit tricky for the beginner. As a beginner, you need to keep a few things in mind — first, the texture of the gel eyeliner. Choose an eyeliner that smoothly glides, gives precise definition, and is long-lasting; you would not like your art to get ruined in just a few hours. The next crucial step is to choose the right brush. Generally, you will get a gel-based eyeliner blend with your eyeliner. But different styles need different brushes, like an angular brush for creating wings and a flat and smudging brush for a smoky look. And for creating thin lines, a thin brush. Now take a small amount of gel liner on the tip of the brush, mind you, a tiny amount, because small is too much in the case of gel eyeliner. And you won't like to risk your eye makeup. So take a small quantity and glide the brush to have attractive eyes. However, these liner gels are not liquid in consistency, therefore give them a few seconds to completely dry.    

Different Types of Gel Eyeliners  

Waterproof Gel Eyeliner 

These eye makeup liners are preferably better for a more extended wear. If you want to wear your eyeliner for twelve hours without worrying about smudging or feathering, you can wear this. There is hardly any need for touching it up or freshening it up. The waterproof liner is also ideal for those who secrete excessive oil on their face. Most gel eyeliner are water resistant. But a waterproof liner will give the confidence of being smudge-proof.  

Gel Eyeliner Pencil

Gel-based liners are commonly packaged or crafted into a long, thin brush dipped in a pot of liner liquid. However, not all gel eyeliners come in a jar. There are gel eyeliner pencils available in the market. These twist-up pencils are easy to use. You get pencil eyeliner comfort while applying and the smooth texture of gel.

Colour Gel Eyeliner

Black gel eyeliner is popular, but if you are someone who likes to spice up the look for special occasions and enjoy adding colours. The colour gel eyeliner is for you. Various colors are available, ranging from blue, green, brown, and many more.

Matte Gel Eyeliner

Matte liners in gel formulation give a dark and colossal finish highlighting your eyes and the eye makeup. It symbolises class and boldness that can be transformed into a smokey eyes look with appropriate shimmer. People have moved to more subtle and natural-looking makeup, from matte lipsticks to matte foundations. For lovers of matte-finish cosmetics, these gel-based liners are a perfect match as they are highly pigmented and blendable.  

Liquid Gel Eyeliner

As the name suggests, they are a combination of liquid and gel; you will get the goodness of both eyeliners in one. It doesn't set as fast as a liquid liner making it easy to correct any mistake, and its formulation is neither too liquid nor gel. 

Brands that Sell Best Gel Eyeliner Online

There are various options available in the online and offline markets. One can research before buying gel makeup liners like customer reviews, staying power, etc. Just search for the best gel eyeliner in India or gel eyeliner price in India. It will help in comparing different brands. Choose the brand that suits your requirement and budget. The famous brand in the category of gel eyeliner is Coloressence.
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