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A gold facial kit is the ultimate skincare product that imparts a golden glow to the face. It is because of 24 karat gold particles in the facial kit formulation. The skin's natural lustre is gained, imparting a youthful shine with the help of the ‘Gold Bhasma’ in the gold facial product. Wrinkles are considerably reduced and diminished in appearance with regular use. These facial kits are designed to suit every skin type and tone. Thus, it brings fantastic results with each use. Get a golden glow to your skin with natural and potent ingredients today. The facial formulations are enriched with the goodness of other natural ingredients such as turmeric, aloe vera, rose petals, almond, green tea, olive oil, etc. These ingredients differ from brand to brand and blend with the gold particles for an effective, smooth, shining appearance. The facial kit contains products that are suitable for the five-step beauty application. A cleanser, toner, scrubber, gel, massage cream and face mask are generally present in the gold facial kit. Check the gold facial kit price depending on the quantity and formulations of brands like Aryanveda, VLCC, Plants Care, Khadi Natural, Globus Naturals, etc.

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Gold Facial Kits

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Brighten Your Skin with the Best Gold Facial Kit

The use of gold dates back to 2500 BC when it was used as a medicine in the ancient Indian, Arabic and Chinese civilisations. It is currently used in Ayurveda as ‘Swarna Bhasma’ or ‘gold ash’. When applied to the facial skin, the anti-ageing properties of the gold particles rejuvenate the suppleness and add brightness. Any inflammation or skin reddening is considerably reduced. The gold massage also removes any tanning from the skin for an instant glow. Skin elasticity gets boosted for a youthful complexion. It also has anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that invigorate your skin and makes it healthy. Different gold facials have varying types of additional ingredients for a natural skin boost. 

Discover Types of Gold Facial Kits

Give your face the royal treatment with gold-infused facial kits. Most facial kits include the same five-step routine with a variation in elements. Indulge in the gold facial regime to pamper your face with a kaleidoscopic range of skin-rejuvenating extracts. The 24 karat Gold Bhasma adds an instant glow and removes the dead skin cells. Each product has a unique blend of ingredients and functions. Gold spa kits contain a five-step skin reviving combination of cleanser, toner, scrub, gel, cream, mask, etc. These are ideal for dull and dry skin as they provide a detoxifying effect. However, some kits extend the five-step routine with a gold-infused sunscreen or a night cream for a complete rejuvenating experience. 

Anti-Ageing Gold Facial

These facial kits contain gold particles loaded with anti-ageing properties that rescue your premature signs of ageing. Potent elements like gold oxide, aloe vera, rose, walnuts, etc., help boost the collagen production manifold, remove dead skin cells, and protect your skin from further damage. Its moisturising and toning properties and deep cleansing and rejuvenation reduce the age spots and pigmentation to reveal a soft and youthful face. 

Herbal Gold Facial

These facial kits are made solely from herbal extracts and naturally occurring elements that are highly beneficial for your skin. A gold spa kit with almond oil, sandalwood extracts, aloe vera gel, milk proteins, rose extracts, saffron, etc., gives you a radiance from healthy skin. It gently cleanses, polishes, and lightens the marks and blemishes to reveal a natural and luminous glow on your face without any chemicals or harsh ingredients. 

Gold Facial for Oily Skin

These facial kits are exclusively crafted for acne-prone and oily skin. It has non-comedogenic ingredients that focus on removing the bacteria causing acne and unclogs the pores. The gold facial kit benefits are revamped with the addition of other natural substances, like rose extract, which de-greases the face. Tea tree has antimicrobial properties to wipe out acne producing bacteria on the face. Thus, choose gold facial products with these ingredients to help reduce acne.

Brands that Sell Gold Facial Kits Online

Most gold facial kits have a five-step application process which can be done at home for a salon-like experience. The gold facial kit's how to use directions is easy to follow and hassle-free. The cleanser is generally the first to remove any dust and make-up residue from the facial skin. The kit's gold scrubber removes the dead skin cells and absorbs the gold dust into the skin. The gold gel is meant for treating any marks and unevenness. The face mask increases the elasticity of the skin. The gold face cream gives a lasting glow and moisturises the skin simultaneously. Check out the range of golden facial kits from brands like Aryanveda, VLCC, Plants Care, Khadi Natural, Globus Naturals, etc. Compare the facial kit prices and choose accordingly. So do not delay and be ready with a gold facial for the next family event you need to attend.
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