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Gua’ is to rub and ‘Sha’ means redness in the Chinese healing methodology. The Gua Sha technique uses a flat Gua Sha stone of a particular shape and colour to massage the skin. The practice of scraping the skin with a flat semi-precious stone as a spa therapy is called ‘Gua Sha’. It is an ancient medicinal technique that helps rejuvenate the skin and muscles on your face and body. Long strokes using these tools promote blood circulation as the main outcome of the Gua Sha massage. The therapy roots from the technique of breaking ‘Chi’ or stagnant energy by rubbing and scraping the muscles. Chi is believed to cause inflammation in the body, leading to chronic pain. The scraping of skin, whether the back, neck, legs, buttocks, or arms, is useful to break the stagnant energy or lack of blood circulation. The less intense version is performed on the face, called the ‘Gua Sha facial’. It decreases inflammation and improves the healing process. Some obvious Gua Sha benefits obtained are reducing cystic acne, removing acne scars, lymphatic circulation, and dark circles, reducing wrinkles, combating puffiness, and defining facial jawbones. Besides these benefits, a few studies have shown the benefits of this therapy for treating and reducing symptoms of Tourette Syndrome with facial tics. Explore online to check the exciting offers on Gua Sha set in jade stone, rose quartz, and various other stones.

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Gua Sha

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Gua Sha- Revitalising Massage Therapy for Your Skin

There are multiple types of Gua Sha stones available in the Gua Sha massage therapy. According to the kind of semi-precious stone present, jade, rose quartz, green quartz, and green aventurine varieties are available. The rose quartz helps in the smoothening of wrinkles and removing toxins. The jade variety gets rid of puffiness seen on the face and helps in lymphatic drainage. A green aventurine massage helps tone facial muscles and relieves muscle tension. The green quartz enhances the facial toning process by improving skin elasticity. Check out the various Gua Sha online shapes available in the Gua Sha stone varieties like heart or teardrop, roller, feather, etc. The heart shape helps tone the jawline and the cheek with brow bones. The roller shape reduces fine lines, puffiness and dark circles around the eyes. It can reach curved facial areas like the under eyes, eye sockets, behind the ears, etc. The feather shape variety is slightly longer and has better coverage for easy working of the brow and jaw bone areas.

How to Use Gua Sha Facial Tool for Skin Therapy

Browse through and learn how to use Gua Sha for a good Gua Sha facial experience. The face has to be cleaned and prepped with a moisturiser or oil. The roller stone may be rotated on both sides of your face at an angle of fifteen degrees. Start from the lower facial parts and roll upwards and outwards with light pressure. Place your free hand at the edge of the roller, and scrape upward along your forehead. Rub the tool from the centre and go outwards to the temple. You can scrape the cheeks from the nasal crease to the ears. In the eye area, a gentle massage from the inner eye corner outwards to the temple area is ideal as it is a sensitive area. The chin area must be massaged with the stone beginning at the cleft region. Start from the collar bone centre and sweep towards the chin for the neck region. The notched stone edge works best for the neck. Follow the same upwards movement at the back of the neck upwards to the skull base. Also, make a downward sweeping along the neck sides from the ear lobes with the stone towards the shoulders. A five-minute duration at every spot is ideal for the ultimate effect. Repeat the massage at least two to three times a week for the best Gua Sha treatment. 

Brands That Sell Gua Sha Online

Check out the different brands available on Woovly like Mirabela, Februus Organics, MCaffeine, The Glow Rituals, etc. The Gua Sha online India varieties are numerous and have significantly visible benefits. RAS Luxury Oils Jade Face Roller, Mirabela Rose Quartz teardrop shape, mCaffeine Green Quartz heart shape, etc., are some of the Gua Sha products available. Also, face elixir miniatures and under-eye gels may be obtained. The Gua Sha before and after effect produced is remarkably long-lasting. The brand offers a suitable stone combination like a roller and heart-shaped combo along with a facial serum or elixir. The Februus Organics Gua Sha price depends on the type and shape of the semi-precious stone variety. Buy Gua Sha online from a suitable brand on Woovly and start your facial therapy soon. 


What are the benefits of using Gua Sha facial therapy?

Decrease of wrinkle formation, acne occurrence, acne scarring, face toning, jaw and facial bone definement, removal of puffiness and inflammation from the face, reduction of dark circles, etc., are some of the long term benefits. 

What are the different shapes of Gua Sha available?

There are teardrop, roller, heart-shaped, concave-shaped, etc., varieties based on the semi-precious stone varieties. 

How many different stone varieties are used for Gua Sha treatment?

Jade, Rose quartz, green quartz, green aventurine, etc., are the different semi-precious varieties available.  

How often can a Gua Sha rub be done for effective treatment?

The best effect is produced when the face is massaged with the stone three times a week.

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