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GynoCup- Menstrual Cup for Leakage-free Periods

GynoCup is a women’s brand focused on providing essentials to ease the difficulties of the menstrual cycle. As a home-grown reputed women’s hygiene brand, it offers safe menstrual cups for women to overcome their menstrual concerns. The GynoCup is made from safe to use silicone. The brand also offers other products to ease the use and cleaning process of the menstrual cup, like lubricants, menstrual cup sterilisers, etc. 

GynoCup Menstrual Cup Lubricant Water

This product is for easy and hassle-free insertion of the menstrual cup. The water-based lubricant is made with hypoallergenic ingredients and does not disturb the pH balance of your intimate area. It is free from any parabens or sulphates and other harmful preservatives.

How to Use:

Cleanse your hands well with soap or a cleanser. Take the lubricant and put two to four drops on the menstrual cup. Coat the rim of the cup and the part of the cup that goes in for easy and smooth insertion. 

GynoCup Menstrual Cup Sterilising Container - Microwave Friendly

The foldable design of the sterilising container makes it adaptable to clean various types of menstrual cups of the brand. The menstrual cup is made from 100 per cent medical-grade silicone that can be safely sterilised in the microwave. The ease of using this piece of sterilising equipment is unmatched. It can be sterilised with GynoCup wash and boiling water, taking no extra effort to clean up the mess. 

How to Use:

After unfolding the collapsible sterilising container, put the menstrual cup in the steriliser with a few drops of GynoCup wash. You can also use any other silicone-based soap. Pour boiled water into the menstrual cup. Soak the cup in water for a couple of minutes. Your menstrual cup is now sterilised. Rinse and let it dry until the next use.

Gynocup Reusable Stand & Pee Female Urination Device

Eliminate all your worries surrounding finding a clean toilet with this revolutionary Reusable Stand and Pee Female Urination Device. This all-age inclusive product is convenient to use when you’re travelling. Avoid contracting harmful infections from unhygienic conditions of public and common toilets by using this urination device outdoors. Its design is suitable for all women and helps you answer nature’s call hassle-free and leak-proof. You can wash and use it again as it is a silicone-based product.

How to Use:

Place the device between your legs and bend to ensure the device is tilted downwards. Pee through the device, and once you are done, wash it properly to use it again next time. 

Gynocup Women Glossy Face Razor

Lightweight and disposable, these face razors are an effective remedy to remove peach fuzz and other unwanted facial hair for a clean and smooth skin texture. These facial razors are efficient at exfoliating a layer of dead skin cells trapped in the peach fuzz. These safe and hygienic razors help the skincare products penetrate deeper and bring instant results after a gentle shave. 

How to Use:

Wash your face well. Once you take off the safety cap of the razor, slide it in a downward direction to enjoy a flawless shave. You can use a wet towel or wet wipes to wipe your face well to unveil a fuzz-free look instantly. 

Gynocup Feminine Cramp Relief Roll On, All in One

Get rid of unbearable menstrual cramps with this quick fix. The Cramp Relief Roll On is made with natural ingredients like vitamin E and enriched with ayurvedic extracts of menthol oil and eucalyptus oil that instantly soothe your cramps. The roll-on works wonders for everyone who experiences acute period pain during their menstrual cycle. Ditch your painkiller medicines and grab this all-natural Cramp Relief Roll On to be free of period pain. 

How to Use:

Gently use the roll-on across the area where you are experiencing pain. Ensure that the skin is dry. You can apply it twice a day across the lower back, abdomen, and even your legs. It leaves your skin soft and has a pleasant aroma that lifts your mood.

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GynoCup’s hygienic and safe-to-use menstrual cups prevent leakage during a woman’s menstrual cycle. They cut down the discomfort and help you stay relaxed and at ease throughout. The soft texture of these cups makes them comfortable and convenient to use. The Food and Drug Administration approves GynoCup’s menstrual cups for a timeframe of almost ten years.

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