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A daily skincare regime is required to keep your skin healthy and glowing. But busy people often forget to care for other body parts like hands and legs as they do for your face and hair. Your hands are the most active and need the utmost care to help you with various daily tasks. And they deserve some love and care too. Thus, get a hand cream for dry skin to pamper your hands and keep them well moisturised throughout the day. Applying a generous layer on your hands twice a day can do wonders for dry skin and help you smell pleasant all day. Are you looking for a perfect gifting option for your loved ones? There are multiple options in hand cream compositions that have got you covered. You can browse through the vast collection of the best hand cream for dry skin. This gift can put a smile on your loved ones’ faces. Check out the best hand creams for different skin concerns from some famous brands like GLAMVEDA, MCaffeine, Disguise Cosmetics, Khadi Natural, Aryanveda, Juicy Chemistry, Naturalable, and much more. Explore the different varieties of hand cream for dry skin available online and shop for the ones that best suit your requirements. 

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Hand Cream For Dry Skin

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Soothe Dry Hands with Hand Creams 

Everyone loves well-nourished smooth skin. With the fast-paced modern lifestyle, it becomes all the more important to take extra care of your hands and legs. It is said that ageing starts with the hands, and it is, therefore, necessary to keep them hydrated with hand cream for dry skin to prevent early signs of ageing. Hand creams can be your saviour if cracked, dull, or dry skin bothers you. Give your hands the goodness and nourishment it needs with hydrating hand cream. Whether it’s because of cold weather, hand sanitiser, washing your hands a million times, allergy, or a medical issue, cracked and dry hands can be a real problem. Good hand cream for dry skin is the best remedy. Apply a generous layer in the morning and night, and you’re good to go! You can also reapply when needed to smell fresh throughout the day. Hand creams are a boon for people dealing with dry hands as it ensures the right amount of hydration without being greasy on the skin. 

Different Types of Hand Creams

Dry hands can be incredibly annoying, and sometimes no matter what hand cream or body lotion you try, your hands keep feeling flaky and itchy. You must analyse your skin concerns and requirements and shop for hand creams with the right ingredients to target those issues. Based on the different elements, the top 10 hand creams for dry skin can be bifurcated and grouped into the following types. 

Intense Hydration Cream for Hands

If you have flaky and dry skin, hand creams with hydrating ingredients like shea butter and almond can be your go-to pick. These creams will keep your hand well-nourished and not feel greasy on the skin. It is the best hand cream for dry, cracked skin that soothes the skin.

Soothing Hand Creams

Nothing can soothe the skin like aloe vera gel, tea tree extracts, cucumber, etc. These hand creams can quickly calm sensitive skin with the goodness of soothing and anti-inflammatory elements. It is ideal for daily usage as it is made from all-natural ingredients.

Skin-brightening Hand Balms

Uneven and pigmented skin tone can be tough to handle. But with the right ingredients, it is not impossible. Get your hands on coffee or vitamin C-based hand creams to even out the skin complexion of your hands for a bright glowing skin tone.

Anti-ageing Hand Lotions

Is itchy, dull, and ageing skin on your hands a primary concern? Well, nothing like a good natural hand cream with coconut and sandalwood extracts. These ingredients will provide adequate nourishment, glow and care your hands deserve. It is enriched with purifying essentials that heal and restore the pH levels of your skin. It also rejuvenates and boosts collagen and elastin production, giving you youthful and glowing hands. 

Brands that Sell Hand Creams Online

Hand creams have become a rage all over for the right reasons. Keeping yourself well-groomed and tidy is the best form of self-care. Pamper your hands with good-quality hand creams available online. Browse through the vast collection of hand creams for dry skin in India from popular brands like GLAMVEDA, MCaffeine, Disguise Cosmetics, Khadi Natural, Aryanveda, Juicy Chemistry, Naturalable, Donna Chang, Mamaearth, and much more. Always remember to choose the skin care products as per your skin type. Moreover, following a proper skincare routine ensures that your hands look young, supple, soft, and always smell fresh. Shop online from the comfort of your homes to get your favourite hand cream for dry skin delivered right to your doorstep.
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