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Known by various names depending on the geography, hand rubs or sanitizers are used for ridding the skin surface of disease-causing microbes. While the conventional method of washing hands is considered the best for removing all types of germs, these hand rubs are convenient when access to water is a challenge. Also, a gentle hand sanitizer spray may be recommended when repeated hand wash strips the skin of its natural protective sheath. This simple method is considered a good way of controlling infection spread in various settings - from schools and day-care centres to supermarkets and hospitals. You can use them to fight multiple strains of microbes, including viruses, bacteria, and fungi. Considering the extensive and frequent use in daily life, researchers have gone the extra mile to ensure safe formulations. Several brands utilise organically sourced ingredients to create hand rubs with natural germ and other microbe killers. Thus, these can disinfect and nourish your skin simultaneously. These go a long way in not just caring for your good health but also reducing the negative impact on the environment. You can find hand sanitizers online from brands like Clensta, Coloressence Detoxie, RAS LUXURY OILS, Bodyguard, and many more. Browse through an extensive range of earth-friendly and skin-friendly hand disinfectants online and get the one that fulfils your need.

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Hand Sanitizer

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Fight Germs and Infection On the Go with Hand Sanitizer Spray

A hand wash before mealtime or bathing regularly, ensuring cleanliness and basic hygiene, etc., is a part of many of your routine activities and for a good reason! The largest part of the human body, the skin, is super absorbent regarding topical applications. Over half the constituents of products that are applied to the skin are known to enter the bloodstream directly. It is therefore vital to ensure that you choose products like an instant hand sanitizer with due care. Often used, you can opt for the best sanitizers for hands that are free from harmful ingredients– phthalates, silicones, synthetic fragrances and other harsh chemicals. More common in healthcare settings, hand sanitizer gel and liquid hand sanitizer formulas are easy to use. Effective use needs a few drops, a dime-sized portion, a spritz of the sanitizer, and a thorough rub. Depending on the need, they come in various packages– large, medium, and small. These useful liquids can be filled into multiple automatic and mechanical dispensers for a zero-contact experience to reduce contamination. The use of hand sanitizer benefits us in more ways than one. They act quickly and lessen the number of germs on the skin surface, reducing the chance of spreading infections via contact. Several other options include hand sanitizer cream that you can use to moisturise and disinfect your hands. They have natural extracts like turmeric and neem with healing properties. Using ingredients like aloe vera or other emollients like glycerine ensures that the formulas are tough on germs and gentle on hands. 

Types of Hand Sanitizer Spray

Liquid hand sanitizer, gel, and spray forms may or may not have alcohol as the active ingredient. Understanding the types available helps in choosing a formula suitable for individual needs. The broad categorisation of hand rub is as follows:

Alcohol-free Hand Sanitizer

These are usually composed of anti-microbial agents like Triclosan or disinfectants like BAC. These are considered less effective as compared to their alcohol-based counterparts. However, these formulas are known to act on a wide range of germs, including bacteria and viruses, which alcohol cannot eliminate alone. Also, in comparison, the duration of effectiveness is longer. 

Alcohol-based Hand Sanitizer

These can contain a very high percentage (60 per cent to 95 per cent alcohol.) Due to this, they are known to be very effective in neutralising microbes, including bacteria, viruses and fungi. Common formulas include Isopropynol, Ethanol or n-Propanol. Other additives are also included to keep the formulation safe for daily use. These are great for places with minimal chances of contact, such as offices, public spaces, or homes.

Brands that Sell the Best Hand Sanitizer

Sanitizers are available in a variety of packages. Starting with bottles with as little as 45 millilitres, you can get cans with up to 5 litres and multi-packs. Many hand sanitizer price-effective packs are easily accessible for purchase online. It is best to check the indiscriminate use of chemical-loaded hand sanitizer. Instead, you could look for brands like Clensta, Coloressence, Detoxie, RAS LUXURY OILS, Bodyguard, etc., which offer many a skin-safe yet cheap hand sanitizer for regular use. Environment-friendliness and cruelty-free, using natural compounds, plant-based extracts and careful sourcing make brands like these great alternatives like hand sanitizer spray, liquid and gel. Pick one of these today to arm yourself! 

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