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Intimate wipes are ultra-thin and gentle cleansing wipes that have effective ingredients to keep your private parts clean and fresh. The skin of the vulva is sensitive and has a higher pH balance, so it requires special care to avoid irritation and skin problems. These aid in maintaining the pH without stripping the moisture when used. From a quick wipe for menstrual clean up, it can be used anywhere, anytime by men and women. It is easy to use and carry and comes with travel-friendly sized packaging. You can check out a few of the best intimate wipes from  Pee Safe, Sanfe, Avni, GynoCup, Floren, etc. The cleansing wipes help control the odour and can effortlessly clear the discharge. During menstruation, maintaining the cleanliness of the vagina is the most important thing to do to avoid any infections and irritations. The intimate wipes not only refresh and cleanse the vaginal area but also moisturise the vulva, balancing the pH and wiping the germs away. Not only during periods, but it can also be useful throughout the day, like after a workout or before doctor’s appointments, etc. You can explore various options of intimate wipes available online.

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Intimate Wipes

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Intimate Wipes - For Intimate Hygiene

Maintaining an intimate hygiene routine is essential, especially during menstruation and post-sexual contact, to avoid any infections and skin problems. The intimate wipes are one of the easiest and most portable options to consider. These are enriched and soaked in gentle and calming solutions like glycerin or aloe vera, providing an extra moisturising effect on the vulva. Instead of using rough toilet paper or harsh soap, you can replace it with feminine wipes that are safe on the skin and help maintain a healthy pH balance. 

Types Of Intimate Hygiene Wipes 

Regular usage of cleansing wipes reduce the odour caused by sweat. These can be useful to maintain basic hygiene of the intimate areas, especially during menstruation or anytime you need to refresh. With sensitive skin, wiping with these can protect it against dryness and several skin infections. Know the two well-known types of best intimate wipes in India: 

Intimate Wipes For Women

Females prefer to use the best natural feminine wipes to keep the vaginal clean and odourless. These organic feminine hygiene wipes can be useful in any menstrual emergency, and a quick clean up without water or paper towels can help save your day. These can be used on other delicate areas like underarms, breasts, etc. You can explore a wide range of personal hygiene products online and choose the one based on your needs and preferences. A simple tip on how to use intimate hygiene wipes would always be using the wipes from front to back to avoid any transfer of bacteria for vaginal cleanliness.

Intimate Wipes For Men

The men's intimate wipes are designed with biodegradable material like bamboo pulp and essential oils like tea tree and calendula oil. The wipes contain anti-inflammatory, antifungal and antibacterial properties that help maintain the natural pH balance. The aloe vera and other natural extracts in the personal cleanliness wipe aid in moisturising and refreshing the area. These do not contain alcohol or parabens and thus can be used safely after urination and post-coitus.

Intimate Wipes Uses:

  • Cleaning the during periods
  • Cleaning vaginal discharge when not on periods
  • Maintain good vaginal health and freshness
  • Help maintain the natural pH balance

Brands Selling Intimate Wipes

The intimate wipes are made from viscose and 100 percent biodegradable fibres. These are alcohol and paraben-free wipes that have a pH balance of 3.5 and are loaded with the goodness of lactic acid, tea tree oil, and aloe vera. These gynaecologist approved products can safely remove the bad bacteria from your private area and support the healthy ones. These can be useful while using tampons and pads., etc., are a few of the wipes used pre and post intercourse. Cleaning the vaginal and penial area is crucial to avoid UTIs and other infections. These hygiene wipes are made from natural ingredients and are skin-friendly and hypoallergenic. It can clear germs and the period blood without any hassle. It comes in a travel-friendly packaging and can be useful anywhere required.  The wipes help men keep their private area clean after urination and sex. Explore online stores for brands like Avni, Sanfe, GynoCup, Floren and Pee Safe and make the right choice for your cleanliness. GynoCup Menstrual cups & Wipes are most popular on our platform. Sometimes, these products are also searched as intimate wet wipes, antibacterial wipes, or germ killer wipes.

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