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Eye kajal is a compulsory makeup item that defines and highlights the eye shape and helps your eyes sparkle in contrast. The easy-to-apply product is available in various formulations and can be effortlessly used to mark the eye edges and enhance your features. You can buy a kajal in either a pencil form or a gel form. Apply the desired type for an intense, colossal, and mesmerising look, which you can attain in no time with a few strokes of your kajal. A single swipe of the kajal on the upper and lower lids can completely change the appearance. Use the kajal in any desired thickness and shape, whether long or short strokes, for a sophisticated look. The kajal makeup is very popular with smudge-proof, waterproof, and other varieties easily available. There are two-in-one kajal eyeliner varieties, which can be used to make bold or fine lines. Check out the different colours available in eye makeup with a high-impact finish. With ophthalmologic screening, the eye kajal varieties are apt for those who wear contact lenses too. The products available online are safe and free from any parabens or lead. Browse through the different alcohol-less kajal varieties. Place your order from brands like Disguise Cosmetics, Bella Vita Organic, Auric Beauty, Coloressence, Mamaearth, etc. Buy kajal online for hassle-free delivery to the doorstep.

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Make Your Eyes Beautiful With Eye Kajal 

The ancient Egyptians were recorded for the first use of kajal in 3100 B.C. It was worn back then by noble women and Queens of Egypt as protection against the sun's harsh rays. Popularly known as ‘Kohl’, the synonym is obtained from ‘Kuhl’ in Arabic. It was originally prepared from the ground ‘Stibnite’ and had a history of being used in countries like Africa and the Middle East. Traditionally used for protection against eye diseases, both men and women used it. It is similar to the charcoal used as mascara, a semi-liquid preparation for the eyelashes. Today, women predominantly wear it to bring out the contours of the eyes in a defined manner. Parents in India use eye kajal for their kids to highlight and brighten their expressions. Originally black ‘Kohl’ or ‘Surma’ was used in India on kids' eyes to ward off bad luck and ill wishes given to the child.   

Trendy Varieties Of Kajal Eye Makeup Online

Get intensive varieties of kajal makeup for the eyes from the online stock by browsing your smartphone. With unique combinations and safe-to-use formulas, make your choice by swiping through the different types of best kajal for the eyes.  

Smudge-free Kajal

Stay long varieties that last ten to twelve hours without getting smudged or affected by water are the go-to option for most women. Ingredients like Chamomile extracts help in soothing the eyes from irritation and refresh them; vitamin C extract from lemons provides a radiancy with nourishment. Try smokey eyes with this kajal to achieve a mesmerising and fashionable look.

Pencil Kajal

Define the shape of your eyes with sharp kajal pencils in High Definition. They are provided with a sharpener which ensures you get a pointed tip every time you use kajal for your eyes. Now colour and care for your eyes with kajal varieties free from harmful chemicals.

Gel Kajal

Gel-kajal varieties allow an effortless method of application without the tugging experienced with solid types. These 2-in-1 gel kajal come eyeliners provide bold and intense stokes in black that are long-lasting. Castor oil and Almond oil in some preparations moisturise the area around the eyes whilst also making the kajal smoother.

Waterproof Kajal

These varieties solidify immediately upon application are waterproof, and last long. Certified and dermatologically tested varieties are the best kajal choices that can be worn whenever you head out.  There are also kajal varieties made with essential oils that are mild and gentle for regular use. Aloe vera extracts give a cooling effect to the eyes all day long and relieve them from any itching.  Vitamin E in some kajal formulations is a strong antioxidant that gives the eyes the best care and protection. 

Brands Selling Best Eye Kajal in India 

Online stores have a range of the best eye kajal brands like Bella Vita Organic, Disguise Cosmetics, Auric Beauty, Mamaearth, VLCC, etc. Swipe through the varying brands and choose a kajal type based on the ingredients present for added colour and protection. There are kajal eye pencil varieties that are provided with a sharpener that gives a defined tip every time you apply it. Gel-based pencils are another variety you can use with a single stroke for everyday wear. Check and compare the different eye kajal price options before making your choice.
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