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Your hair is the crowning glory you are born with; thus, taking care of it is your duty. However, external factors like hard water, pollution, exposure to the sun, and styling for parties and events damage your shiny locks. Keratin treatment is an effective way of reversing the damage caused to hair by heat and harsh chemicals. To support the longevity of your treatment, invest in a keratin shampoo. Unlike regular shampoos, keratin enters each strand of hair through cuticles to deep cleanse and provide nourishment. Shampoos with keratin ensure luscious and shiny locks of hair, exuding confidence and finesse. The primary purpose of keratin-based hair care products is to cleanse the hair, improve the texture, nourish it, and give the hair a healthy appearance. These shampoos are mild and can be used frequently.

Keratin shampoo is an ideal option to achieve healthy and lustrous hair. These shampoos combat frizz and dryness while adding gloss, bounce, and lustre to dull and damaged hair. It improves the moisture balance and suppleness, and it will not only cleanse your scalp but also strengthen and soften your hair. Shampoos containing keratin protein keep your hair silky and strong while preventing additional damage from day-to-day styling or exposure to harsh environmental conditions. Woovly offers a wide range of keratin products for your hair to reverse any damage caused by extreme weather conditions and pollution.

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Keratin Shampoos

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The Benefits of Using Keratin Shampoo

A keratin nourishing shampoo is not like any other ordinary shampoo, and it goes above and beyond what the latter can achieve. A keratin shampoo deep cleans the hair to eliminate impurities, residue, or anything unwanted.

Simultaneously, each strand gets strengthened by repairing the cuticles that compose each hair shaft. To get softer and smoother hair, follow up the shampoo with some keratin smoothing conditioner available on Woovly. These silky-keratin shampoos help repair your hair and improve hair quality with long-term use. Keratin is the structural building component of hair and crucial nourishment for the general health of your hair.

Best Reasons to Use Keratin Shampoo:

Restore lost keratin

Keratin-rich shampoos get formulated to infuse keratin proteins into hair cuticles effortlessly. When you shampoo your hair, the keratin seeps in to restore the health of your hair. Hair shampoos with keratin attach to the locks and plug holes in the hair roots to effectively enhance hair structure and growth.

Improves the effectiveness of keratin treatments

If you have availed of a keratin smoothing treatment, hair cleansers crafted specially for keratin treated hair can amplify its benefits. Keratin smooth shampoo and conditioner help replenish hair's health and gives essential nourishment that gets rinsed away with everyday shampoo.

Reduces frizz in your hair

When your hair is damaged, it develops frizz. Experts recommend using a keratin nourishing shampoo to reduce frizz and control unruly curls. Keratin shampoos create a smooth protective barrier on chemically treated hair. It gets the needed hydration and nutrients from the keratin in the shampoo and attains a shine from a strong and aligned hair cuticle. Keratin is responsible for increasing the hair's resilience to dampness, and it carefully reduces the frizz off each strand of chemical-treated hair.

Provides future damage protection 

Keratin in hair makes a difference in re-establishing the hair's inward and external layers. It means that keratin secures the strands from additional chemical and physical damage.

Protects colours from fading

Excessive colouring and bleaching lead to open pores in your hair. These pores become open dams when you wash your hair; that is, the colour in your hair starts fading with successive washes. Thus, to close the cuticles, keratin-based shampoos prevent the pigment from escaping your hair while making your hair luscious and shiny.  

Strengthening the hair

One of the advantages of keratin is that it supports and makes the hair stronger. It maintains the natural structure of your hair without weighing it down, allowing the healthy growth of your hair.

How to use keratin-based shampoo?

Keratin shampoos are as easy to use as any other shampoo. It adds a coating of rich keratin molecules that seep into your hair strands. Thus, it is an essential hair cleansing product recommended by hairstylists to people with frizzy and unruly hair. Here are the steps to apply your keratin-infused shampoo for the best results.

  • Apply your keratin-based shampoo after thoroughly wetting your hair. Distribute the shampoo properly, massage it from the roots to the end in gentle circles.

  • Once your hair is massaged and feels clean, rinse it well.

  • Squeeze it gently to eliminate any extra water.

  • Make sure your hair is not left with any residue from the shampoo.

  • Leave your keratin smoothing conditioner for the recommended time and wash it off for further nutrition. 

  • Once your hair is dried, style it after spraying a heat protector from Woovly.

How do you pick your keratin-based shampoo?

The market is filled with diverse categories of Keratin-nourishing hair cleansers. It is important to learn that keratin is a protein that enhances and improves the quality of your hair. To ward off the unavoidable consequences of damage to your hair, keratin-based shampoos are a magic potion. And despite external factors like extreme weather conditions and pollution, keratin-rich cleansers reinforce the strength and softness of your hair and improve the overall quality of your hair. 

Today, Keratin-rich shampoos have gained popularity due to their additional hair nourishing qualities. They keep your hair bouncy, lively, smooth, and glossy. Grab the best deals and offers on Woovly for excellent grade keratin-rich shampoo and conditioner price. 

When looking for shampoos, instead of judging based on keratin-based shampoo price, read the label and find if they will nourish your hair. Look for products loaded with natural nutrients and vitamins so that your hair feels healthy at all times. Numerous brands offer keratin-based shampoos that secure your hair. The brands on Woovly include Mancode, St. Botanica, Mcaffeine, TAC - The Ayurveda Co., The Glow Rituals, Ustraa, and many more.

Get started on your hair care routine with Woovly

Woovly has a curated category of keratin-based cleansers that smoothens and adds a shine to your hair effectively. These keratin shampoo products are highly efficient, cost-effective, clinically tested, and revolutionary aftercare treatment that boosts hair strength, growth, and lustre. At Woovly, discover the most excellent range of the best keratin shampoo for your hair care needs. Woovly is a one-stop-shop for all hair care requirements, from the original beauty products and extensive quality checking to secure payment portals and fast delivery. When the effects of your salon treatment begin to disappear, it is recommended that you incorporate a keratin-rich shampoo into your hair care routine. It makes your hair smoother and more humidity-resistant. 


Are keratin/protein shampoos safe for keratin-treated hair?

It is essential that you use keratin treatment shampoo for aftercare maintenance even if you have had a keratin treatment. Proper hair care with the right products can benefit in the long run. When the effects of your treatment begin to wane, it is a good idea to switch to a keratin-rich shampoo. Your hair will be smoother and more humidity resistant due.

Does keratin-based shampoo straighten hair?

Keratin-renewing shampoos are suitable for all hair types, although they are particularly effective for chemically treated and damaged hair. Keratin in hair shampoos does not alter the texture of your hair. Be that as it may, it fills the split end, making the strands look fuller, smoother, and shinier. It does not straighten curly hair but relaxes the coarse and frizzy locks. Thus, your hair cannot get completely straightened with keratin-rich shampoo.

Is keratin harmful to your hair?

It is critical to remember that hair only absorbs a specific amount of keratin proteins. It is similar to a sponge that can only absorb a certain amount of liquids. As a result, you do not need to worry about the oversaturation of protein in the hair.

What is keratin, and how does it improve the quality of your hair?

Keratin is a protein of 19 amino acids found in human hair. Cysteine is one of these acids that merit special consideration, and sulphur-rich cysteine is essential for hair cell cohesion. Keratin is a major component of your hair. Keratin is responsible for your hair's interior and outward structure. Thus, keratin is responsible for the tenacity and resilience of your hair.

Is a keratin shampoo effective?

The shampoo gets primarily used to clean the hair and scalp while reducing any chances of further damage to chemically treated hair. Thus, keratin-based shampoos are a clear winner compared to regular shampoos.

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