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La Flora Organics: Handcrafted Organic Products for Your Skin and Body care

La Flora Organics takes pride in its highly admired range of skincare and bath products, which are 100 per cent vegan and free of all toxins. These handcrafted products are a result of the purest botanical extracts. The organic range varies from bath salts, face care, handmade soaps, hair care, and face care applications. The brand has curated an exclusive range of skincare products and safe baby-care offerings for mommies-to-be. The brand is a favourite with several men who prefer and enjoy self-pampering.

La Flora Organics Muscle Pain Relief – Detox Bath Salt & Foot Soak

The end of a tiring workday demands a little indulgence and caring for your feet. A salt and foot soak from La Flora Organics is made with ingredients to soothe your tired feet. These include Epsom salt, tulsi leaves, organic eucalyptus, rosemary, lemongrass oils, pure sea salt crystals, dried mint, and French green clay. These ingredients reduce inflammation and work as detoxification agents to protect your body. A detoxifying foot bath also relieves nasal and chest congestion from a stubborn cold. The overall experience is impactful, refreshing, and energising. 

How to Use:

Bath: Take about 9-10 spoons of bath salts and add them to lukewarm water in your bathtub. Let the salts dissolve well. Settle into the bathtub and let your body soak in the nutrients for at least 15-20 minutes.

Feet Treatment: Add about 5-6 spoons of these salts, and mix them with tepid water in a medium-sized basin. Let your feet relax in the mixture for at least 15-20 minutes. 

Neck and Chest Congestion: Add 5-6 spoons of these salts to a bowl of hot water. Once dissolved, take a medium-sized towel, and soak it in this water. Remove the towel from the water, wring out the excess water and use it to compress the areas of congestion.

La Flora Organics Mamma’s Belly Bio Balm

Expecting moms need to take good care of themselves. The balm helps during the prenatal phase when would-be mothers experience quick and drastic changes in their physique. It is made from natural ingredients like jojoba, olive oils, shea butter, lavender oil, and natural beeswax. Women experience skin texture changes that tend to stretch during pregnancy or other reasons. The nutrient-rich balm nourishes and softens the skin to reduce stretch marks and lighten the hyperpigmentation caused by stretch marks. 

How to Use:

Take an appropriate amount of balm depending on the area of the skin you plan to apply. Rub it on the skin in mild, gentle circles and feel the nourishing ingredients work on your skin. It is ideal for usage in the post-natal phase and offers much relief to the skin undergoing multiple changes.

La Flora Organics Lime Mint Organic Body Wash

This mild body wash is rich in glycerine and mint extracts. It is made from 100 per cent handmade vegetable oils. Free from all parabens, it keeps your skin nourished with its natural ingredients and nutrients and lends a wonderful glow to your skin after every wash.

How to Use:

Take an appropriate amount of body wash, and with a loofah, lather it well on your wet body. Let the goodness of the natural constituents seep into your skin. Rinse after a few minutes and pat dry.

La Flora Organics Sandalwood Handmade Soap Bar

The cold-pressed organic bath soap is made from coconut oil, olive oil, glycerine, Mysore sandalwood oil, palm oil, sunflower oil, and sandal powder. These natural ingredients nourish your body and leave you feeling fresh and energised. 

How to Use:

Use the wet soap across your skin and lather. After a few seconds, rinse with water and pat your body dry.

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The brand name is self-explanatory and personifies the natural ingredients used in their wide range of products. These products are infused with authentic organic ingredients and are free of harsh chemicals. Thus, if you want handcrafted and certified organic products, La Flora Organics is one of the best. 

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