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LetsShave- Stay Fresh with Self-Grooming Essentials

LetsShave is a powerhouse brand that has made its presence felt on a global platform with its offering of quality razors and trimmers. In partnership with the South Korean Company – Dorco, the brand caters to more than 100 million people in more than 130 countries around the globe. It designs grooming products like shave balms, foams, facial scrubs, and organic razor blades. The brand also offers premium gift sets for men and women.

LetsShave After Shave Balm 

This After Shave Balm provides instant relief to your sensitive skin after a shave. Soothe the redness and burning sensation with the aftershave made with willow bark extracts with anti-inflammatory properties and prevent bacterial infection. Its gentle exfoliating action prevents ingrown hairs that interrupt a gliding shave. It also includes extracts of soybean seed that contribute as a powerful antioxidant and deeply hydrate your skin for a soft and smooth look. The argan oil, vitamin E, and peppermint oil help restore your skin’s natural moisture while cooling and preventing excessive sebum production. The aftershave prevents flaking and drying out by repairing the skin with these useful and nourishing ingredients. 

How to Use:

After shaving, splash your skin with water and pat it dry with a soft towel. Take a coin-sized amount of the aftershave balm and spread it all over your hand. Transfer the balm from your hand to your skin by gently rubbing it over the freshly shaved area to disinfect, hydrate, and repair it. 

LetsShave Pro 6 Plus Value Set 

This is considered one of the world’s first-ever 6-blade razors that help distribute even pressure across the skin, resulting in a smooth shave. The razor comes with a firm rubber grip that enables a flawless shave. The gap between its six stainless steel blades is lesser than conventional blades. This helps you get a very precise shave with a single stroke of the razor. The rear side of the cartridge has a trimmer edge too. The razor from LetsShave comes with a pivoting head to reach every angle and contour of your face without causing any nicks and cuts. It comes with a moisturising band infused with vitamin E, aloe vera, and argan oil. It keeps even the most sensitive skin free of irritation.

How to Use:

Start by using a mild exfoliator or a face wash to rinse your face. Apply a fine layer of shaving foam to your face and your beard. Use a fresh Pro blade and start your shaving. Remember to rinse the razor after a couple of strokes. Once you are satisfied with your look, rinse your face, pat dry, and apply some shaving balm. Also, rinse the razor under running water and store it in a dry place till the next use.

LetsShave Evior 6 Body Razor Blade Refills

This 6-blade razor is designed exclusively for women and comes with fine brush fingers around the blades. The product massages your skin, ensuring better blood circulation, and helps you achieve a precise shave every time. The wide surface area of the edges is designed to shave a large area of body hair in a single stroke. The razor comes with a moisturising blade infused with lavender oil, aloe vera, and chamomile – each of which acts as hydrating and nourishing agents. You also get a travel cap with every cartridge. You can use the razor on dry or wet skin. 

How to Use:

Wash or dampen the area you are about to shave. Take an adequate amount of shaving foam, apply it to the area, and start shaving with the razor. Once satisfied with the results, rinse off the shaving foam from your skin and pat it dry. You can apply an aftershave gel once done.

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Every shaving experience with the razors designed by LetsShave is effortless and safe. You can trim your sideburns with the same ease as you trim your beard. The razors come with a common docking system. The underlying technology of the blades offers users a quick, smooth shave every time. Check out the wide range of shaving products designed by the brand and pick ones depending on your needs and preferences.

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