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Do you still have doubts regarding wearing lip balm for men? Well, gone are the days when having beautiful and moist lips was an attribute reserved for women and girls. Your perfectly shaven face may look pale and dull without healthy, hydrated lips. Thus, as a part of your grooming session, adding an intensely hydrating lip balm is a must. Men are matching the race of keeping themselves presentable and swoon-worthy with appropriate lip balms that are gaining momentum in men’s skin care products. Man or woman, the skin on your lips is naturally sensitive and delicate compared to your body. Thus, it is prone to damage if exposed to harsh environmental stressors like sunlight and pollution. Chapped lips are a reality and equally hurtful for men and women. Only a good lip balm can help you repair your chapped and dehydrated lips. A good lip balm for men can protect lips from possible UV damage, stimulate healing, boost blood circulation, and provide ample hydration. They can have multiple soothing ingredients like shea butter, lanolin, and petroleum jelly to provide that soft and supple feeling. There are so many options available in the market. Browse through lip balm brands in India like Arata, Juicy Chemistry, Bella Vita Organic, TreeWear, Astrid, etc., and find amazing possibilities of the best lip balms for men.

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Lip Balm For Men

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Best Lip Balm for Men - to Get Soft and Light Lips

One of the first features people notice is your face, especially your lips. Whether you speak, smile, drink, etc., your lips reflect your self-grooming habits. Since the smallest details get seen, It has become imperative for both men and women to take care of their looks and well-being. Lip balm for men is an essential product that gives your lips extra care and keeps it hydrated all day. Your lips get exposed to harsh weather and several harsh internal conditions that cause drying. It leads to Prone splitting, cold sores, and excessive peeling, lip balm for men can act as a perfect guard to all these conditions. Men’s lip butter provides hydration and lip lightening effects. Markets and online spaces are filled with various options in lip balm for men. Several brands are offering environment-friendly, vegan options to choose from.

Types of Lip Balm

Lip balm for men doesn’t come in the makeup category as it is more part of the grooming regime. Men generally ask when they should use a lip balm. You can apply a lip balm whenever you are stepping out in the sun or your lips feel dry and chapped. You can also use a men’s lip balm for pink lips to lighten the lip colour and skin. There are different lip balms available online and offline spaces, and here is a list of the types of men’s lip balms available on the market.

Tinted Lip Balm

Tinted lip balm for men has soft and natural tints that match the lip complexion. These can be the best lip balm for dark lips for men as they moisturise and provide a natural glow.

Flavoured Lip Balm

As the name suggests, lip balms have different flavours like vanilla, cocoa, mint, berry, etc. You will feel like you have your favourite treat as you apply one of them to your lips. 

SPF Lip Balms

Sun rays are very harmful to our lips, and SPF specific lip balms are crucial to protect lips from further darkening and damage. These lip balms are a good choice for those searching for men’s lip balm for dark lips caused by exposure to the sun.

Organic Lip Balms

Organic lip balms for men have natural ingredients in their composition. Eco-friendly in nature, these lip balms generally include eucalyptus, beeswax, etc., kind of elements.

Medicated Lip Balms

As the name suggests, these lip balms are loaded with medicinal properties that target conditions like extremely chapped and cracked lips. However, it is usually prescribed and can be used for a short period, but it is effective and brings instant results. These balms contain cooling and healing agents like menthol or camphor, antioxidants, and SPF protection. 

Brands that Sell Best Lip Balm for Men in India

A wide range of lip balms in multiple categories are available in India, and it has become easier to choose based on your preferences. So browse and zero in on the one that fulfils your healthy and wonderful lips requirement. There are many brands in the lip balm category for men in India, such as Arata, Bella Vita Organic, Naturalable, TreeWear, GLAMVEDA, Astrid, Fuschia, Mamaearth, etc. Claim alluring and moist lips with lip balm with your fingertips today. You can also find the best lip balm for dark lips for men at Woovly.

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