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Your lips are one of the most delicate parts of your body. It bears the brunt of external and internal stressors like dehydration, extreme climatic conditions, or an incomplete skin care routine. Your lips need equal treatment to get soft and blushed pout. Experts have stated that lip butter is a known and popular choice of deep nourishment lip care product that deeply heals your skin and protects them from further damage. Many kinds of butter are vegan and benefit your skin deeply. The butter lip balm has many skin-beneficial vitamins, minerals, deep rejuvenating oils, etc., that groom and moisturises your lips. This butter for lips has a soothing effect on cracked lips of men and women who need some hydrating and healing. You can apply the butter at any time of the day to get intense moisturisation and an extra dose of nourishment. If you have chapped lips that take time to heal with regular balms, apply a lip butter balm for instant results. These are mostly paraben and sulphate-free, taking care of your lips and the environment. The market is filled with various types of butter balm for lips like shea, cocoa, almond, kokum, and many more. To get more variation, explore the wide range of products from premium brands like BLISCENT, Khadi Essentials, TAC - The Ayurveda Co., Just Herbs, MCaffeine, and many more.

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Lip Butter

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Flaunt Plump and Moisturised Lips with Deep Nourishing Lip Butters

Enjoy lip rejuvenating butter's ultra-creamy and luscious texture. These are enriched with skin-revitalising nutrients that remove pigmentation, add a soft blush, and heal the cracks or any damage caused by extreme weathering or lack of nourishment. For additional benefits, you can explore various ingredients like aloe vera, coconut, turmeric, etc. The base of your lip butter can be shea butter, kokum butter, almond butter, and cocoa butter. Each has its unique set of vitamins and nourishing extracts to regain moisturised and healthy-looking lips. It is a revolutionary addition to your skin care regimen for a petal-soft pout. Infused with the goodness of nature, it heals chapped lips while protecting them from further damage. A little bit of butter can coat your lips for an extended period. It also adds a mild glossy sheen to your lips because of its natural oil content. Thus, replenish your skin with cocoa, almond, kokum, or shea butter for lips for beautiful and luscious lips all year round. 

Types of Lip Butter

Cocoa Butter 

This nutrient-rich emollient revitalises the skin cells on your lips. It has antioxidants that fight off the skin-damaging free radicals, giving you fresh and soft lips. The cocoa butter lip balm is a great source fo vitamin E. It helps restore your skin’s barrier, reduces discolouration, and soothes your lips. Lip balm with cocoa is a great healing balm for cracked lips. It forms a hydrating and protective layer of skin-enhancing nutrients that seep into the deeper layers of your skin to heal it. You can find the cocoa lip balm in several formulations, tinted or clear. Thus, swipe a little before heading out to get naturally soft and pink lips. 

Shea Butter 

The shea butter lip balm is also an emollient that deeply hydrates your lips. The nutty aroma of the shea butter for lips leaves you with luscious and juicy lips. It heals peeling lips and moisturises them into plump, soft, and smooth lips. It is one of the best lip butter to get a smooth and even texture on your lips for an effortless lipstick finish. It is a deep rejuvenation product with skin-restorative properties ideal for regular use. 

Kokum Butter

This butter is lightweight and hydrating. It heals dry, cracked, and peeling lips. It can also be used on your elbows, knees, or feet for quick healing. Its essential fatty acids soften the hard and cracked skin, promoting collagen and elastin production. A little amount of kokum butter can go a long way. It is spruced from Garcinia indica for deep hydration and rejuvenation. 

Almond Butter

Almond butter for lips is rich in vitamin E and A — skin-rejuvenating and revitalising nutrients with anti-ageing properties. It prevents the formation of fine lines and creases. Almond is an excellent source of skin-healing agents that work at a cellular level. Apply this butter with natural oils to get a soft and luscious pout. 

Brands that Sell Lip Butter Online

With the high nourishing oil extracts, the lip nourishing butter keeps the lips juicy and soft. If you are looking for such products online, you have reached the right spot. Our platform is a one-stop solution for all your skin, hair, and wellness needs. Explore the massive range of long-lasting plain and tinted butter formulations for your pout. Several premium brands are offering your preferred choices of lip care products like BLISCENT, Khadi Essentials, TAC - The Ayurveda Co., Just Herbs, MCaffeine, and many more.
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