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Define your lips with a lip liner for pout-perfect lips. It is a quintessential item in your makeup kit. The must-have liner for lips is a great enhancing tool that adds a natural blush to your lips for a gorgeous pout. It is a primer for your lips that makes your lips plump and luscious. Try applying lipstick or lip gloss after working with a liner on the base, and you will keep going back to define your lips. Liner for lips is a wonderful cosmetic that allows you to outline your lips and create the picture-perfect cupid's bow that looks natural and natural-looking big lips.

As an underrated cosmetic product, lip lining pencil makes the difference and offers your lips to hold the colour for much longer. It also gives you a full, plumper look, making it effortless to complement and transform your natural lips. Lip liner serves to get you smooth and non-cakey application of lipstick, preventing the pigment from smearing, draining, and feathering outside your lip line. There are many liner types for lips, like pencil liners, lip pencil concealers, etc. Check out Woovly and access a wide range of liners for lips under premium brands like Coloressence, Auric Beauty, PINQ, Note Cosmetique, Brick New York, etc.

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Lip Liner

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Use Lip Liner for a Plump and Defined Pout.

If you are keen on trying liners on your lips, a lip liner pencil is a great place to start. While working with smooth lipsticks, giving your lips a fresh and even base can sometimes be difficult, particularly when the lipstick is obtuse and worn out from use. Before filling in your lips with lipstick, use a lip pencil concealer that matches your natural lip tone or the shade of lipstick you will apply later. 

Natural-looking big lips with nude lip liner 

When utilised accurately, lip lining pencils can assist with making the deception of bigger and more full lips. However, there are some methods and processes to follow to get that plump lips that look natural. It is a perfect look for formal or informal events and gives your lips a natural tint and shape. Take a lip lining concealer, and dab it along your lips before lining it with a liner. Then apply a pigment that is closest to your lip colour. It will give your lips a much-defined look. Go for pastel shades that look sober, and swipe it in the end with a transparent gloss to get luscious and plump lips. 

Before application of the liner to your lips.

Some methods can enhance your lips to reach the full potential of lip liner application. Follow this expert-curated guide and get full lips instantly.

An exfoliant with natural properties like sugar and honey does an excellent job of removing the dead skin cells on your lips. If you are allergic to the pollen in honey, use aloe vera gel instead. This step eliminates the chances of forming a cakey foundation for your liner and lipstick. 

Once the lips are exfoliated, it is left clean and dry. However, applying liner directly on dry lips is not recommended. Instead, try a lip serum from Woovly that is vitamin E enriched. It nourishes the lips and enhances the texture gradually.

Once the nutrients from the serum is soaked, dab your lips with a lip moisturiser, preferably a lip balm. It works better if you get one with SPF to prevent the ultraviolet rays to cause hyperpigmentation.

Make little dots with a lip concealer and work it into the inner corners for a better canvas for your liner. It is also useful to define the shape or even have a gradient blush. Start by filling the upper and bottom lip, fading out the natural lip line.

While applying lip liner.

Application for full and big lips

The method before this was a common way of lining your lips. If you want some extra plumpness, you have to overline your lips. It makes your lips look plump and naturally bigger than what it is. Another pro tip is to keep the end of the lip lining pencil smooth and rolling in upward strokes for even application. Follow it by filling the lips with the liner and applying your lipstick. Blot out the excess, and you will have your plump and luscious lips ready. 

After using liner on your lips.

Get the best lip liner on Woovly.

Making the right decision is not so difficult. Depending on your attire and skin tone, you can pick out any colour and experiment. Woovly offers an extensive range of lip lining pencils and gels crafted and formulated to give you well-defined plump lips that stay all day long. Try other lip cosmetics, lip liner sets, serums, and scrubs to take care of your lips the right way. Do not worry about lip liner price, as Woovly offers great deals. Get a safe and secure payment gateway and a hassle-free shopping experience with Woovly, delivering your items right to your doorstep- all from the comfort of your home.


Can I use lip liner on my eyes?

Lip liners and eyeliners have different formulations or compositions. Moreover, interchanging these cosmetics for lips on your eyes can transfer unwanted grime and dead skin cells to your eyes. 

Which brands are good for lip liners?

You can browse on Woovly to access premium brands of liners like Coloressence, Auric Beauty, PINQ, Note Cosmetique, Brick New York, etc. These are made with long-lasting formulations that blend into your lips effortlessly while creating the illusion of bigger lips. 

Can I use liners for lips on their own?

Yes. These liners alone have beautiful pigments ranging from pastels to vibrant shades. 

What colour should my liner for lips be?

Always choose lip-lining pencils that are a shade or two darker than your lipstick colour. It brings out a well-defined plump pair of lips that stand out. 

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