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Are your lips looking dull and dry? Get soft and plump lips with a gentle lip scrub that hydrates and nourishes to give you rosebud lips. Upgrade your lip care routine with a gentle lip exfoliating balm to help restore soft and pink lips. They prep your lips by gently exfoliating and hydrating them so that the next time you apply your favourite lipstick, it does not look cakey and creased. The scrub buffs away the dry, dead skin cell layer and unveils your lips' soft and smooth appearance. Thus, if you suffer from chapped lips all year round, lip moisturising scrubs are your ideal choice. The mild components in the carefully crafted lip exfoliants ensure a gentle exfoliation coupled with anti-ageing and intense hydration. These come in several formulations like lip butter scrub, lip lightening scrub balm. lip conditioning scrubs, etc. A homemade lip scrub formulation is the basic sugar, honey, and lemon exfoliator lip scrub, which works pretty good. However, experts recommend using products that moderate the portions of each component and add other ingredients to help remove pigmentation, flakiness, and dryness. These lip exfoliating scrubs enhance and naturally plump your lips, imparting a soft and natural blush. If you want to enjoy the nourishment and goodness of Ayurveda, try a natural lip scrub with ingredients like beeswax, shea butter, essential oils, honey, etc. Some lip hydrating scrubs remove the stains on your lips and heal them to reverse sun damage. You have to take the required amount of the scrub and massage gently using your fingertips and see the results instantly. Several brands have formulated lip exfoliating scrubs like UrbanMooch, Astrid, Mancode, RAS LUXURY OILS, Bella Vita Organic, and many more.

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Lip Scrubs

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Lip Scrubs - Your Secret to Naturally Pink Lips

Most people underestimate the essentiality of a lip scrub as a skincare product. The feeling of dry, chapped lips can often be annoying on special occasions when you're all decked up and waiting to apply your favourite lip product. However, having dry lips is pretty natural - allergies, sunburn, cold weather, wind, constant licking, or smoking can all make your lips feel dry. But if you use a lip scrub at home using ingredients like sugar, lemon juice and honey, you can give yourself smooth pink lips. Most home lip scrub provides gentle physical exfoliation to your lips, removing flaky, dead skin. Skincare companies, however, also focus on the lightening and brightening aspect of this lip product and create formulas to remove lip pigmentation and tanning around the lips. Alter the dull and rough appearance of your lip with a lip lightening scrub and get 

Lip Scrubs for Chapped Lips

Many brands have lip scrubs that cater to chapped lips. For example, mCaffeine Coffee Lip Scrub for Chapped and Pigmented Lips is an ideal lip scrub for pink lips. Formulated using pure Arabica coffee grinds and sugar, it cures and exfoliates the surface of your lips. Additionally, it reduces pigmentation around the lips, making them look healthier and fuller. The Bella Vita Organic NicoLips Lip Lightening Scrub is one of the best lip scrub for dark lips. This product cures dry, damaged, and chapped lips and removes tan and pigmentation that forms around the lip. This product can restore your natural lip colour without harsh chemicals with long-term usage. Additionally, the SPF-enriched formulae also protect your lips from darkening caused due to sun damage allowing you to relish your natural lip colour. The Astrid Citrus Lip Scrub is similar to any simple diy lip scrub in its composition. It contains natural exfoliating ingredients like orange zest, brown sugar powder, oats and cocoa butter that gently exfoliates the lip skin to remove the dark dead skin cells. This procedure reduces chapped lips and helps form new healthy cells on the lips. This natural scrub for lips also contains cold-pressed oils that moisturise the lip-skin instantly after exfoliation to give you a naturally soft and pink finish.

How to Use Lip Scrub

Lifestyle and poor habits can cause lisp to go dry and chapped. Thus, a gentle exfoliation helps boost the appearance of your lips. Here are the simple steps of using lip exfoliating balm:

  1. Wash your face and lips with a mild cleanser and pat dry with a microfibre towel. 
  2. Take the lip exfoliating balm and dig a little amount with your fingertips. 
  3. Apply the scrub all over your upper and lower lip and massage in gentle circular motions to remove the dead skin cells and stains. 
  4. Massage for two to three minutes and wipe it off with tepid or lukewarm water. 
  5. Wear with a moisturising lip balm to seal the hydration before wearing any makeup to keep your lips plump and pink all day. 

Lip care does not end here. You must ensure that you stay hydrated and wear a sunblock or SPF protection on your lips before stepping out in the sun to prevent pigmentation.

The Benefits of Using Lip Exfoliating Balm or Lip Scrub

It helps encourages lips to appear pink and soft-

Lip exfoliation helps the dead skin cells on the outer layer of your lips gently come off and reveal a pair of soft and plump lips.

It boosts blood circulation and heals-

The exfoliation action encourages blood circulation as you massage the lips to get rid of the dead skin cells and gives a refreshed look to your lips. 

Exfoliation action smoothens the texture of your lips-

Exfoliation helps the lips to get a smooth texture. Thus, no more worry about cakey lipstick application or creases after wearing liquid lipstick. Thus, you get a smooth canvas on which your makeup will last longer. 

Gentle on your lips-

Most lip care brands ensure crafting a mild formulation of lip exfoliating balm or butter so that the exfoliating beads are not too harsh on sensitive lips. The holistic approach to offering gentle lip care has given rise to several lip exfoliating balms and butter with anti-oxidants, healing properties, blood circulation enhancers, etc. 

Nourish and prevent cracked lips

Lip nourishing scrubs are a gamechanger as they help the lips to absorb nourishment and retain hydration longer. 


Is it okay to scrub your lips?

A lip scrub effectively removes the outer dead skin cell layer to unveil soft and pink lips. Use a scrub with gentle exfoliants and nourishing extracts that make your lips soft and plump. 

Do I need to exfoliate my lips?

Exfoliating the lips is an essential part of the skincare routine. It helps you deal with dry and flaky lips with skin-friendly scrubs for the sensitive skin on your lips. It enhances the appearance and nourishes your lips. 

Are lip peels better than lip scrubbing?

Lip peels are an alternative product that purifies and cleanses the lips. However, it is usually not very effective in removing dead skin cells. Lip scrub butter is immensely hydrating and effectively improves the texture and tint of your lips without any ingredients that are harmful to the delicate skin. 

What happens if I don’t scrub my lips?

Do not neglect taking care of your lips. Not scrubbing the lips makes your lips dull, chapped, and in extreme cases, cracked. Avoid discolouration and staining from neglect. It is also harmful to the inner corners of your lips that can get sore and dry from neglect. Thus, gentle scrub for lips at regular intervals saves you from these issues.

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Many top brands like Astrid, UrbanMooch, Mancode, mCaffeine, Juicy Chemistry, and Ras Luxury Oils have beauty products for your lips. They are as good as homemade lip scrubs for pink lips without the hassles of preparing them fresh every time you want to pamper yourself. The product gives you smooth lip lines and stimulates blood flow around your lips to confidently rock any lip colour in any season without worrying about dryness or chapped lips.

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