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Say goodbye to dry and chapped lips with a lip serum. Get soft and deeply hydrated lips that make you pout-perfect for selfies at all times. Lip care sometimes can get overwhelming with all the lip scrubs, lip masks, lip balms, etc. If you are looking for deep nourishment for your lips, serums are the right choice. They not only give you healthy lips but also act as a protective shield from any damage. The harsh sun rays or the windy winters can make your lips flaky, cracked, and dry, which might cause pain and result in tearing and bleeding of lips.

The lip skin is highly delicate and needs gentle lip care products with an effective protective barrier that nourishes your lips on the go. These serums are one of the healthiest options you can grab. They get packed with the goodness of nutrients and other benefits, made with essential oils, vitamin E and C, and natural ingredients like cinnamon, mint, orange, etc. They are safe to use and don’t harm or darken your lips. Some serums also lighten the dark lips caused by external factors like smoking or overuse of makeup. They are non-sticky and lightweight as they are primarily water-based, making them manageable. They can use them whenever you want and experience excellent results when applied as a base for a coat of lipstick or simply on their own. Carry a glossy look with serum and enjoy the freshness of natural scents all day. Serums have numerous benefits like anti-ageing properties, sun protection, plumping, deep nourishment, etc. Thus, serums for lips are the go-to choice for men and women. Extend your lip-care regimen with a vast range of products from Woovly and get plump and hydrated lips.

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Lip Serum

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4 Unparalleled Benefits of Using Lip Serum 

Are you looking for a product that adds volume and moisture to your lips? Get a wide range of nourishing serums made exclusively for lips. You can get soft and supple lips for a shiny gloss look with a swipe of lip hydrating solution. The natural and subtle aroma is a journey of aromatherapy packed with nutrients that leave your lips hydrated, plump, and satisfied all day. You can experience a few benefits from plumping to improving lip texture by adding lip conditioning serums to your lip care kit. 

Deep Cleansing and Hydration on the go

Lip hydrating serums can be the perfect way to eliminate chapped and dull lips. With their deep cleansing properties and nourishment, the dark spots and fine lines disappear gradually with pink lips serum. Having chapped lips is not only irritating but also looks unappealing. However, the dream of obtaining a pair of perfect pink lips is a possible reality with life-altering serums for the lips. Their antimicrobial and antioxidant properties provide adequate and long-lasting hydration on the go. 

Plump and Luscious Lips Anytime

Pink lip serum oil does immense wonders and brings you insta-ready lips every time. A few gentle dabs of the plumping serum make your lips pout ready by giving a warm sensation to your lips. The ingredients in lip plumping serums help increase the volume of your lips. Achieve a pair of rose-bud lips that are fuller and moisturised to get that confidence and smile whole-heartedly like never before. Also, the lip serum for dark lips can be used to lighten the darkened lips caused due to smoking, scorching weather, hyperpigmentation, etc. Applying serum on the lips before smoking or going out in the sun leaves a protective layer that eventually leaves your lips dreamy tinted and baby pink. Due to the non-sticky water-based formula, they are easy to apply with just a swipe of a wand or roll of the tube. 

Light-weight and Protection Barrier

Unlike other beauty products, essential serums for lips are lightweight and keep your lips moist and hydrated all day. Due to their non-sticky formula, there is no need to worry about forming a waxy layer on lips. Instead, they are formulated to penetrate deeper and eventually improve blood circulation, thereby leaving you with healthy and heavenly lips. The anti-ageing properties keep your lips soft and youthful by boosting your look and confidence. The harsh and extreme weathers call for a protective barrier which lip care serums provide and strengthen the protective barrier. 

Entirely Safe and No Harm Detected 

Various lipsticks and lip care products might contain harsh chemicals that deteriorate the health of lips when not handled with care. To protect from such stress and strain on the tender skin of your lips, you can apply the serum right after taking off the lipstick or washing your face. It not only exfoliates the dead skin and product build-up but also keeps the lips moist and clean. For the more improved texture of lips, the serum can get used as a base for lipstick to avoid direct contact with chemicals contents or preservatives. It can be used as simple lip care essential before going to bed to lock in moisture for your lips all night. The goodness of antioxidants, essential plant oils, natural ingredients, etc., makes the lip nourishing serum safe to use daily. 

Reliable Brands for Lip Serums in India 

Although many serums are significantly effective, we recommend checking the labels. It is necessary to ensure that you use reliable products and avoid any ingredient you are allergic to. Nonetheless, some of the brands for the best serum which you can trust and buy for yourself include DoYou, Sanfe, UrbanMooch, Februus, MCaffeine, and Conscious Chemist. If you are looking for herbal and Ayurvedic options, TAC – The Ayurveda Co. might be your best bet. You can also shop and buy premium face and lip care essentials made of 24k gold and other premium ingredients. 

Kick Start Your Lip Care Routine Today with Woovly

The benefits and reasons for using a serum for your tender lips are numerous. Your dream of plump, glossy-hydrated lips profoundly nourished and healthy becomes an everyday reality with Woovly. At Woovly, you can easily browse through a catalogue of lip care serums you want to purchase and try for yourself. 

From premium personal care products for skin and hair to other self-care beauty products, safe payment gateways and convenient doorstep delivery, Woovly is a trusted destination for all your skincare and beauty needs. 


  1. When is the best time to use lip serum?

You can use the nourishing lip care serum any time throughout your day. Take a few drops of the serum and gently dab whenever your lips get dry. Then let the formula get soaked to do its magic by deeply hydrating and leaving your lips healthy and nourished. 

  1. Does serum make my lips sticky?

No. Serums for lips have a non-sticky formula that makes your lips feel lightweight and non-gooey. They also improve collagen and tighten the skin. Thus, you get to enjoy wax-free lips all day.

  1. How can I lighten my darkened lips with serum? 

With the help of lip lightening serum, one can gradually lighten the dark lips caused either due to smoking, hyperpigmentation, and several other reasons. These are ideal for both women and men and also act as a protective barrier against extreme weather conditions, UV rays, and pollution. 

  1. Are serums for lips better than balms for lips?

Lip balms, when applied, help to lock in moisture and act as protection on top. However, serums work to penetrate the layer of your lips for deep nourishment and bring you evident results with long term usage. Serum solves most of the root causes of the lip problems inside out and helps in reducing dark spots and fine lines. Also, the Vitamin C serum on lips gives you plump lips without any filler and is a powerful antioxidant. 

  1. Can I apply serum along with lipstick?

A coating of protective serum for lips can be used as a base or used on its own for sheer glossiness. 

  1. How to make homemade DIY herbal serum for lips?

By using readily available natural ingredients like turmeric, aloe vera, vitamin E pills, peppermint oil, etc., a homemade DIY lip nutrition serum can get prepared.

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