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Lip tint is a hit with women, especially young girls and older women who understand the importance of being well-groomed but do not like to use multiple, heavy makeup products. Looking natural yet groomed, without the makeup standing out, is very easily attainable when you use lip and cheek tint products. But what exactly is cheek and lip tint meaning? Lip tint meaning can be a little confusing for some people since it is a relatively new product. The meaning of Lip tint is a product that gives a tint of colour to your lips to give them a natural-looking appearance. A cheek tint means a product that gives a shade of the tint on your cheeks. These lightweight makeup products provide a shade of colour to your lips and cheeks. They have a lighter consistency than your regular lipstick or blush and are usually water-based. They easily blend into your skin and stays there to give you a long-lasting tint. It helps in achieving a naturally tinted and glowy look on your skin.

A tint is also called a lip stain. When applied on bare lips, it stains the lips in a simple shade of your choosing and without giving them extra gloss or shine. There is a plethora of tinted lip balm and lip cheek tint kits available online. Just Herbs, TAC - The Ayurveda C., Note Cosmetique, Bella Vita Organic, and others are some brands that offer a range of tints for the lips and cheeks as well. These are packed with the goodness of beetroot, peach, wild rose, chocolate, cherry, caramel, pomegranate, pink rose, strawberry, tropical Alphonso, nourishing herbs, etc.

The best thing about these lip balms and cheek tints is that they provide much-needed protection from the polluted atmosphere and supply nourishment at the same time. In addition, they keep the moisture locked in. So, using them is a real win-win situation. You could buy a product that best suits your skin. The range of available colours is also vast and includes various shades of brown, pink, red, and orange. You can buy single packs or multicolour sets. Also, there are sets that are essentially kits of related products. You can check those out too. The lip tints come packed in very convenient tiny tubes similar to those of lipsticks. Some come with a brush applicator. You can decide on one that you are most comfortable using.

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Lip Tint

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Know More About Lip Tints 

Lip tints are an amalgamation of lip balm and lipstick. They are sold in tiny tubs, tubes, and sticks. You can apply one with a wand applicator or take some on your fingertip and coat your lips with it. Lip tints come with all the goodness and nourishment of lip balm and make the lips look well-groomed too. They also serve as part lipstick and give a hint of colour that brightens up the face in just a single stroke. Wearing a tint can give your lips an even tone. 

Types of Tints: Matte or Shiny

There are a variety of lip tints available online. There are tints that have a more natural colour and flavour, like the beetroot lip and cheek tint. They can also broadly be divided into opaque and shimmery ones. Wearing the opaque ones on an everyday basis makes sense, be it college, office, a day out shopping, or just chilling with friends. But, if you are getting ready for a special occasion and want to tune up your appearance without standing out, you could wear a tint that shimmers. It will add both colour and class to your look. The best thing about using a tint is that you don’t need to worry and check your lips to see if the lipstick requires reapplication. You can purchase the matte version of the tint in a colour you’d like to wear on a daily basis. Buy a shimmery one in a colour that you’d like to wear on an evening out or when the gathering is very special.

Lip stains vs tints 

A tint provides a protective covering over the skin of the lips. A lip stain settles over the tissues of the lips and stains them. Being less pigmented, tints spread over the skin much more easily. 


Most lip tints are formulated from an oil base like shea butter or safflower oil, a colour base, and beeswax. What you need to keep in mind while purchasing one is whether you want it to sit on the lips for over a long period of time, in which case a heavy-duty one would need to be purchased, or a lighter one that will spread more evenly and more efficiently, in which case a lighter one will suit you.

How to Choose the Correct Colour and Shade?

Choosing the right colour and complementary shade may not be as easy as it seems, especially for the uninitiated. How often has it happened that there was a tint you fell in love with only to be hugely disappointed with the results you saw in the mirror? Your skin tone plays a big role in such situations. 

Skin Tone Colour Guide

Here is a guide listing the various colours that suit different skin tones:

Fair skin: Soft pinks, reds, and peaches

Wheat complexion: Rose, mauve, cherry, coral

Dark tone: Purples, bluish-reds, and browns

Skin undertone

One way to decide on the colour of the tint is on the basis of your skin undertone. This is easy to determine. When you look at the veins on your arm, what is the colour of the veins that you see? It could be greenish, bluish, etc. If greenish, you have a warm undertone; if bluish, you have a cold undertone. If you are not sure, then your undertone is neutral.

Here is a guide listing the various colours that suit different skin undertones:

Woovly is a platform that has brought together a vast gamut of these products. In addition, they provide very safe, secure, and convenient payment gateways. You can opt for a lip tint that you are most comfortable with and get the product delivered anywhere. Shopping from the convenience of your home was never so easy and so much fun. 


What is the advantage of investing in a lip tint?

A lip tint works as a cheek tint as well. It gives the same glow to the cheeks as the lips. This multi-functionality gives us more room in the bag as we have one less beauty product to carry along. 

When or who should use a tint?

Often, we want to look glamorous but don’t want to appear done up. For example, when you are at the office, in college, while out shopping, going to the children’s school, visiting the elderly or family. Elderly women and young girls also want to look well-groomed but don’t often like to use coloured cosmetics. A tint works wonders in such scenarios. Using it on the lips and cheeks brightens up the face and provides protection. At the same time, it does not stand out at all, giving a very natural look. 

Why are tints considered multifunctional?

Tints are a boon for those who do not like over the top make-up. You can do up most of your face with a single little product, the lip tint. The advantage is that you invest in a single product that, for obvious reasons, is cost-effective, takes less time and effort while shopping, and ensures the same colour and shade on each facial feature. Also, the look that you get is natural, bright, and healthy. At the same time, it protects and hydrates the skin. Tints can be used over the lips, cheeks, and eyelids.

What are the different types of tints available in the market?

There are tints that are heavy and those that are light. The heavier ones last longer. The lighter ones spread more easily and evenly. 

Then there are tints that are opaque, and matte and those that are shiny and glossy. The opaque and matte ones can be used regularly and the shinier ones on special occasions. 

There are tints that are vegan and those that are not. You can purchase one on the basis of your preference.

Which tint should I buy, the one in a tub or the one in a tube?

The tint in a tube often has an applicator brush too. It can be used to spread the tint very easily and evenly with the glide of the brush. But the tints in tubs can be used to apply on the cheeks and eyelids much more quickly. Just take it on the fingertip and go ahead.