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Treat your lips with popping shades of lipstick to get picture-perfect pout. There is a vast collection of lipstick shades available online. You can choose natural nude tints for an easy everyday look or get divine and charismatic with rouge hues. For the perfect finish, it is all about texture. You can choose from a matte finish to a creamy lip formulation to achieve the desired look. Simply grab the lip colour you want, swipe, and get pout-ready lips that last all day. Waterproof lipstick is the perfect marriage of comfort and longevity with a creamy matte formula. The composition of this type of lipstick does not dry your lips but rather keeps them plump and hydrated. Get lip stains in variant shades to suit all occasions to achieve an elegant look without looking like you are trying too hard. You can get lip tints that are 100 per cent cruelty-free, vegan, paraben-free, sulphate-free, and lead-free- formulated with organic nutrients. These lip shades give you a natural blush or a bold look, depending on your colours. Get varying textures in lip shades such as matte, glossy, sheer, and pigmented; you can find your favourite ones online and instantly update your look. Various popular brands are available online in India to choose the best lipstick shades from as per your preferences. Explore and pick your colours for plump and defined lips. Look and feel beautiful by wearing these lipsticks in eye-catching colours.

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Let Your Lipstick Do the Talking 

The history of lipstick goes back centuries and ages. People were colouring their lips with a mixture of red dye from fucus-algin, iodine, and bromine mannite. In ancient civilisations, men and women crushed gemstones to extract colours from flowers and vegetables to decorate their lips. However, the process of crafting lip makeup products has evolved greatly. Today, you get a wide variety of colours and textures that can personalise your look according to skin tones and shades. However, even after improved technology and formulations, some herbs and floras still get used in cosmetics manufacturing for beauty and nourishment. These natural pigments are tested for safety and then included in the composition to keep your lips safe and nourished. 

Different Types of Lipstick Make-up

Lipstick makeup evolved, and now we have options of choosing from hundreds to thousands of different lipstick shades and lipstick colours. There is a vast collection of lip stains available online, and all are broadly categorised below:

  • Tinted Lip Balm: These lip balms must be in your makeup kit. If you have dry and chapped lips, you can explore a lipstick palette online and add beautiful colour to your lips. They add a subtle flush of colour to your lips with moisturisation. 

  • How to Apply?

    Nothing like a lip tint that brightens your face and adds zeal to your look. Pick up the best lipstick, apply the colour to the centre of your upper lip, and move towards one corner. Bring back to the centre and run it towards the other corner. Repeat the same with your lower lip. Dab with your pinky finger and dot the colour on your lips with your finger to fill. You can apply a lip liner darker than the lipstick as the base and then use your lip shade to get plump lips that last long. 

    Explore the Best Lipstick Brand in India Online 

    There is a wide variety of lipstick sets available online. Browse the lipstick combo packs online and pick the one that suits you. Various popular brands are available online in India, such as Routines, Auric Beauty, Coloressence, Echt Beauti, Disguise Cosmetics, and others, to choose from as per your preferences and make a lasting impression. You can discover the range of these products and select the one that suits your needs and preferences. Invest in the best lipstick brand available online and choose the one that suits your tastes. Check and compare a lipstick price online for the right purchase.