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Liquid lipstick is a game-changing cosmetic for lips that enhances the shape and look of your lips. It comes in diverse types catering to all your needs. There is no more need to reach out for the lipstick every hour to touch up when you wear smudge-proof liquid lip tints. Get these lipsticks to render much-needed fullness and keep them moisturized at all times regardless of the lips' natural form and size. With the advent of new compositions, lip tints offer a rich and creamy texture with an effortless application process. Boost the lusciousness of your lips with one swipe of lipstick to achieve a professional finish that is perfect from beginning to end. Go for an ideal choice of lipstick liquid shade that complements your outfit and accessories and highlights your features. Get a wide range of natural to vibrant hues in varying textures and formulas. Most tinted lip creams are loaded with the goodness of benefitting ingredients and other features like SPF protection.

Woovly has a wide range of lipsticks, including liquid matte lipstick, lip bar liquid, matte stains, crème liquids, lacquered ink liquids, suede crème liquids, etc. Get a full-coverage lipstick and get full and plump lips in the desired colour. The long-lasting matte variety has a lingering quality with a rich pigment. At Woovly, you get access to lipsticks under reputed lipstick brands like RAS Luxury Oils, Lujobox, Note Cosmetique, Disguise Cosmetics, Coloressence, etc. Browse through the liquid lipstick category online and filter out your options to find the best deal on Woovly

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Liquid Lipsticks

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Classy Liquid Lipstick for a Glamorous Look

Every Liquid lipstick brand holds upgraded and refined formulas that lock in the moisture and nourishment in your lips and are skin-friendly. Get to learn the different types of lipsticks that cater to your specific needs.

Key ingredients in lipstick liquid varieties?

The primary ingredients in liquid lipsticks are-

How do I apply liquid lipstick?

Whether you prefer nude liquid lipstick or a variant of liquid lipstick red, lipsticks in liquid form coat the lips differently. For example, a matte liquid lip tint forms a smudge-proof layer. Knowing the best method to apply lipstick in liquid form is essential. While lip primers or plumpers leave a long-lasting finish, it is ideal that you scrub or cleanse with a gentle lip scrub to eliminate any dead skin build-up. After wiping and cleaning the lips, lock in the moisture with a hydrating balm and primer. Once the preparation is done, apply the liquid tint on the lower lip and firmly press the lips to transfer the shade to the upper lip. Apply a coat on your upper lip upto the corners to get a finished look. Use tissue paper to blot the excess lipstick with a gentle dab to achieve a matte look. 

Woovly has a plethora of make-up accessories for all skin types. Craft your desired makeup look by browsing the catalogue and extending your skincare routine. We offer a wide range of lip nourishing and hydrating products on Woovly, like organic lip scrubs, lip balms, rich and long-lasting lipsticks, etc. Add your favourite lipstick shades and other lip care products to the shopping cart and access a safe and swift online payment gateway to get your products at your doorstep. 


What are the primary ingredients present in liquid type lipsticks?

There are three crucial constituents- oils, waxes and colours or pigments. The pigments add colour, the wax adds the main scattering effect to the lipstick, and the oils provide the moistening property. 

How do you apply matte liquid lipstick?

The first step is to exfoliate the lips by gentle rubbing with a scrub. Apply a moisturiser to the lips for a balm feel. Use an outliner for a perfect shape. Then apply the lipstick on the lower lip then press both the lips together. Apply to the upper lip and let it dry. Blot the excess using tissue paper. Then use a concealer followed by powder on the area around the lips for a highlighting effect. 

How do you remove liquid types of lipsticks from the lips?

Olive oil, coconut oil, petroleum jelly, etc., are the best to remove applied lipstick. Apply some quantity on a cotton swab and gently rub the lips in gentle swiping motions. The micellar cleanser is an excellent remedy for a stubborn coat of lip tint. For a more natural method, go for organic brown sugar and honey for safe removal. Use coconut oil as a substitute for honey if you have a pollen allergy. Cold cream also works as a base for cleansing. 

Which are some good quality brands for liquid lipsticks?

RAS Luxury Oils, Note Cosmetique, Brick New York, Coloressence, Auric Beauty, Disguise Cosmetics, etc. are some of the best liquid lipstick brands available on Woovly. 

What is the liquid lipstick price range?

There is a wide range of lipstick with varying prices depending on features like extra gloss, matte, SPF protection etc. Woovly is a platform that meets your beauty requirements under one roof. Start your day with a liquid lipstick under 100 from Woovly now.

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