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Before you decide to buy Lotus cream, you should note that Lotus Herbals is one of India’s most popular herbal skin care, hair care, and cosmetic brands. It has accumulated Ayurvedic knowledge of over five thousand years and blended it with the new-age science and formulations. They offer skin-safe products encompassing a wide range of skin types. Established by Mr. Kamal Passi in 1993, Lotus Herbals are a primary flag-bearer of all-natural skin care products like face wash, creams, lotions, serums, face packs, etc. The homegrown brand derives its ingredients from authentic organic sources to treat skin conditions and help you achieve your goals. They also offer mild and soothing skin care items for men and women with sensitive skin types. Their products cater to all skin and hair types to cure and control various problems. Ever since its inception, the unicorn brand has been providing the best natural beauty solutions to the masses. You can check out the platform and learn about the various products that improve cell turnover and boost collagen and elastin production. These products contain skin-damaging flavonoids, polysaccharides, and antioxidants, which help reduce the skin-damaging free radicals. Lotus is against animal cruelty and is for the conscious people who believe in the integrity and values of a brand. It is also a vegan-friendly company with paraben, silicone, and sulphate-free formulation. You can explore various skin creams like Lotus Herbals White Glow, Lotus day and night cream, and many more.

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Lotus Cream

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Lotus Creams - Rejuvenate Your Skin With Lotus Face Creams for Glowing Skin

Lotus face creams are one of the best herbal creams in the market. The brand promises to offer you ayurvedic ingredients with its creams. The holistic skin care and cosmetic brand offer a wide range of creams that revitalise, brighten your complexion, deeply hydrate, protect your skin, and have anti-ageing properties. Explore the organic Lotus creams offering paraben and cruelty-free range. The rejuvenating active properties nourish your skin while protecting it from further damage. They also have been offering 100 percent vegan products. They boost your skin’s quality and heal it, helping you achieve a youthful glow. You can get Lotus cream for oily skin, Lotus skin for face, and Lotus cream for skin whitening along with all the other creams.

Types of Lotus Creams

Lotus Day Cream

Day creams are necessary daily to deeply moisturise your skin and retain the supple, hydrated glow all day. The lotus white glow cream has revitalising properties that work as a day cream to hydrate, protect, and brighten the skin. These creams contain extracts of exotic ingredients like saxifraga, mulberry, grape, etc. The lotus day creams are suitable for all skin types and protect your skin from UVA and UVB radiation. 

Lotus Night Cream

Accelerate your skin healing process with the help of a lotus night cream. The blend of active antioxidants and phytonutrients visibly reduces your skin-related problems. You can apply the lotus night cream overnight and let the active nutrients and essential oils seep into the deeper layers of your skin. You can replenish the skin and help it get a glowing complexion. It also improves the texture and reduces open pores. Thus, the lotus white glow night cream is an effective skin care item with multiple benefits. 

Lotus Whitening Gel Cream

Enjoy the skin-revitalising and brightening properties of lotus skin whitening cream for fairness. With the unique tri-action formula of gooseberry, lychee, punarnava root, vitamin C, and several natural antioxidants, the lotus whitening cream is a holistic skin care product. It is suitable for daily wear, imparting a dewy glow to your skin. You can add the lotus cream for oily skin and lotus skin for dry skin with varying formulations like oil-based, gel-based, etc. The nutrients in Lotus glowing cream blend effectively to give you a comparatively lighter complexion and better skin.

Herbal Anti-ageing Nourishing Cream

The anti-ageing formula of lotus anti-aging cream includes the YouthRx, a patented, safe, and effective formulation of anti-ageing skin care products. These creams also consist of Phyto-Rx whitening formula that works at a cellular level to unveil a glowing and rejuvenated complexion. The anti-ageing cream helps your skin produce collagen and elastin, and even the fine lines and other signs of ageing. 

Lotus Moisturiser Cream - Daily Moisturiser

Wear the daily moisturiser for glowing and replenished skin. You cannot miss a day without your moisturiser, or your skin can get dull and dry. Try the lotus moisturiser cream containing phytonutrients and herbal concoctions. These ayurvedic lotus creams for dry skin, oily skin, and other skin types help you to get dewy and radiant skin every day, all day. 

SPF Cream

The sunblock is an essential skin care item everyone should wear before stepping out in the sun. The lotus herbal white glow cream also has some SPF, and you can try their exclusive range of gel, mist, cream, and other forms of sunblocks to protect your skin from sun damage. These sunblocks are also effective for reducing skin tan, aiding in rejuvenating your skin.

How to Use Lotus Creams

After you are done with cleansing and toning, apply a serum, followed by the Lotus moisturisers. Apply it gently in upward and circular motions to help your skin absorb the product's nutrients easily. You can apply sunscreen after this, twenty minutes before stepping outdoors under the sun. You can also use the day cream that is infused with SPF. Your Bedtime skin care routine must also include cleansing, toning, and night cream to deeply heal and rejuvenate your skin for the next day. 

Why Should I Buy Lotus Creams

Lotus Herbals is synonymous with holistic, herbal, and sustainable skin care and an essential beauty brand with over two decades of experience and trust garnered from customers. Lotus products have a lot of benefits (lotus cream ke fayde) and best reviews in terms of unwanted side effects. Their exotic herbal ingredients are ethically sourced. Their lab and research centres are amassed by talented and innovative members who have blended science with Ayurveda and created 100 percent vegan, chemical-free, and cruelty-free skin care. There are various types of Lotus Creams such as Lotus Professional Cream, Lotus BB Cream, Lotus Pink Glow Cream, Lotus Organic Cream, Lotus Gel Cream, Lotus DD cream, Lotus ice cream, Lotus under eye cream, Lotus winter cream, Lotus anti blemish cream, Lotus cream papaya, Lotus CC cream, and Lotus pigmentation cream. Look through the lotus cream price at Woovly and get the best offers daily. The Lotus cream price list keeps on getting updated regularly so keep a check.

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