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Lotus Herbals is a unicorn brand offering holistic skin care with the goodness of Ayurvedic formulations. It has harnessed the knowledge of Indian herbal concoctions worth five thousand years and blended them with the new age derma-science. Since its inception, Lotus Herbals has been the flag-bearer of natural, plant-based skin care products and cosmetics. The brand was founded and established by Mr. Kamal Passi, who has ensured to carry forward the vision of creating skin-safe herbal solutions for every skin type. India’s rich heritage of ancient Ayurveda has been effectively included in the cosmetic and skin care formulations to bring long-lasting effects and the best results. Each handcrafted product ensures to fulfil your goals regarding healthy skin and hair. Lotus Herbals is strictly against any animal cruelty. They create skin care products to provide you and the Earth with a safe world. Thus, if you are looking for a brand of virtue and good conscience, Lotus Herbals has been one of them since 1993. They believe in the integrity and values of creating organic and vegan-friendly products. The company offers paraben-silicone-and sulphate-free formulations and non-toxic beauty with intuitive and inclusive products. They source the best natural ingredients by respecting the balance of nature to provide your skin with some nourishment, protection, and healing. Their exotic products are crafted to benefit every skin type — their in-house setup for research and development to craft unique and effective beauty solutions. You can explore their products like Lotus sun cream, sunblock mist, matte gel, whitening cream, anti-ageing sunscreen, and many more.

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Lotus Sunscreens

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Shield Your Skin Against Harmful Radiations with Lotus Sunscreen 

Explore the large selection of sun blocks from Lotus Herbals that cater to various skin types. These are available in multiple formulations and SPF levels to aid your skin and protect it from tanning, inflammation, redness, and skin cancer. Primarily, sunscreens are of two types- mineral or physical and chemical sunscreen. You can figure out what you want by checking out the ingredients list of each sunscreen in the category and opt for that.  

Types of Lotus Sunscreen

Sun Block Cream The cream formulation is a rich consistency of essential ingredients that heal and protect your skin from any further sun damage. It contains several curing agents and deeply hydrating ingredients, making it the ideal Lotus sunscreen for dry skin. Try the Lotus sunscreen cream outdoors and indoors to protect your skin from oxidisation, sunburns, peeling skin, or tanning. 

Sun Block Gel If you want a matte finish look after applying sunscreen, try a gel-based sun block. These are your ideal Lotus sunscreen for oily skin crafted with non-comedogenic ingredients that get easily absorbed. The gel formula is super-absorbant and effective. It does not leave a white cast and is suitable for people with oily skin. 

Sun Block Mist The mist or spray sunscreen is a unique and practical skin care item. You won’t need your hands to lay an even layer of sunscreen. You can be outdoors and spray this as and when required to protect the exposed parts of your body from the painful sunburns and stubborn tanning. It is also unhygienic to use unwashed hands to lay another layer of sunscreen when you are at the beach or hiking. Thus, keep this spray mist sun block handy to get yourself covered. 

Sun Block Lotion It is a classic Lotus Herbals safe sun lotion loaded with herbal ingredients to protect and heal your skin from sun damage. The Lotus sunscreen lotion is infused with the best antioxidants, with SPF levels varying from 25 to 60. You can get Lotus Sunscreen SPF 70, which provides ultimate coverage to your skin for strong sun protection. 

Skin-whitening Sun Block Several sun blocks come with vitamins and minerals that encourage the healing and brightening of complexion. Several Lotus Herbal sunscreens with varying SPF levels and skin-brightening PhytoRx bring great results. You can try these to protect your skin while reducing the blemishes, dark spots, pigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles, sagging skin, tanning, etc. 

How to Use Lotus Sunscreen 

You can cleanse, tone, and apply your regular moisturiser, followed by the lotus sunscreen SPF 30, lotus sunscreen SPF 40, or lotus sunscreen SPF 50. You can increase SPF levels to get maximum protection against the sun’s UVA and UVB radiations. Apply the cream, gel, lotion, or spray evenly all over your face, neck, ears, arms, feet, etc. Do not miss a single spot that stays exposed to the sun directly. You can reapply after two hours or whatever time estimate is suggested in the user description of the product packaging. 

Why Should I Buy Lotus Sunscreen 

Lotus Herbals is a renowned name in the beauty and skin care sphere of the market. It has grown and keeps growing to expand all over the nation and beyond, offering holistic skin care solutions to all. The Lotus sunscreen prices can vary based on their formulation, quantity, and features. Thus, check out the wide range of Lotus sunscreen on our platform to better understand its features, prices, and formulation. You can check the reviews online and see what product suits your skin type and issue. Thus, indulge in the blend of Science and Ayurveda with these products with paraben and sulphate-free formulations. These are 100 per cent vegan, sustainable, and cruelty-free skin care goods with holistic virtues. 

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