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Every woman is her own makeup artist. And no make-up artist can do justice to her art without the proper tools to apply makeup. A brush is an integral part of any makeup tool kit. And if any woman or, for that matter, any make-up artist does not have the appropriate brushes for each product, then they are definitely missing out. Every product you use – be it the foundation, blush, primer, or highlighter – requires a different makeup brush for its application. Therefore, it is essential to spend a little bit of time and money to choose an exquisite range of makeup brush sets. This small change can revolutionise your makeup routine. But, before you invest in your own kit, it is very important to understand the various kind of brushes available, their uses, applications, and importance.

Whether you are a newbie or a professional make-up artist, it is important to use the appropriate brushes to apply various products. For the best results, it is equally important to invest in an original, high-quality, and makeup brushes kit. Your professional makeup brush set should include a buffing brush, eye shadow brush, lip brush, eyeliner brush, concealer brush, powder brush, and foundation brush.

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Show off your Skills with the Best Brush Sets

Many people wonder why multiple, high-quality brushes are important when it comes to makeup. There are numerous reasons for it. Your skin deserves quality. A good makeup product needs to be soft and should pamper your skin. This also depends upon the quality of the makeup brush you use. Brushes of high quality are gentle and soft on your skin. Any brush that is scratchy and rough can dry out and damage your skin. If the bristles of a brush fall out often, it is a sign of a bad quality brush and would hurt your skin. Low-quality brushes can cause skin irritation and the sudden appearance of wrinkles. Investing in good-quality brushes also helps save money. Good brushes tend to be durable as well as soft so you do not usually have to invest in a new brush for a while. Makeup brush prices are usually rather reasonable. You not only get a range of makeup brush sets under 200 rs but also a collection of makeup brush sets under 100 rs.

The makeup results are also better when you use quality brushes. It’s easier to get the desired look when using a good-quality brush. It helps with smoother, more controlled applications.

The Essential Brushes 

Whether you are a newly-minted makeup enthusiast or a professional make-up artist, know that there are brushes that every makeup kit should have. The appropriate brushes make the application process simpler and help you achieve a professional look with a gorgeous, flawless complexion. There are several types and styles of brushes available online that can help you achieve this. 

First, there’s the foundation makeup brush. Foundation is the base of every makeup application. With the right foundation brush, you can easily get a no-makeup look along with full coverage. It should be appropriate for both liquid and powder foundation applications.

The powder makeup brush should have soft, flexible, and fluffy bristles to blend better with any type of product. The concealer brush creates a perfect base for the rest of your makeup. These brushes should be smaller to cover and target discolouration on areas such as the eyes, around the nose, and mouth. 

Any makeup kit is also incomplete without a blush brush. These are versatile brushes that can be used to apply blush and other powder products such as face powder, bronzer, etc. Since it is smaller than a powder brush, it distributes the product precisely and evenly.

Contour brushes come in different sizes and shapes and are used for sculpting and carving the face and adding to its dimension, while the highlighter brushes are created for make-up savvy fashionistas. These brushes are tapered and more petite to help you apply makeup on high points such as the bridge of the nose and cheeks. 

There are also the eyeshadow crease brushes, short eyeshadow brushes, angled eyeliner brushes, eye makeup brush sets, etc to choose from. A wide range of brushes from various brands, such as Sanfe, Note Cosmetique, and Dash Pro, and of different types and shapes are available on Woovly. So, you can take your pick from the collection depending on your aesthetic needs and preferences and avail the easy payment options to have them delivered right to your door.


Which brush is best for makeup?

There are various types of brushes available online. Select the one that best suits your specific requirements and is gentle and subtle on the skin.

Which brush is used for applying foundation?

Typically, a flat brush is used to apply a creamy layer of foundation that works as a base for the rest of your makeup.

Which brush is best in India?

There are various brushes from different brands available in the market. This includes LA Girl Pro cosmetic brush, Wet n Wild Kabuki, My Glamm total makeover, NYX Professional, etc.

Which is the most popular makeup brand?

Maybelline, Chanel, Lakme, Sugar, Estee Lauder, Colorbar, Lancome, L’Oreal, and Dior are some popular brands for makeup products.

Do brushes need to be cleaned?

Yes, it is important that you keep your makeup essentials hygienic and clean your brushes regularly. Regular cleaning can also ensure that the bristles don’t get permanently coated with makeup residue and last longer.

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