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The lipstick market is largely dominated by matte lipstick.  When you check out the huge range of matte lipstick colours on offer, you will discover that they are suitable for all skin colours and look great whether you use other makeup products or not.  These lipsticks come in pinks, browns, mauves, reds, etc.  The range of colours available is so vast that if you want a certain colour or shade of lipstick, you will definitely find it.  While you can find these lipsticks in the well-known bullet tube, they are also available in liquid matte lipstick form. Some are fully liquid and can be applied with their own applicator. Some are in a semi-liquid state, come in small pots, and are generally applied using a brush.  You can buy your favourite matte finish lip colours in regular sizes to keep at home and in miniature sizes to carry with you when you’re on the go. Another advantage of the mini version of the matte lipstick is that you tend to run out of it before you get the chance to be bored of the shade.  While one can always do with a little touch-up when it comes to glossy lipstick, the matte version lasts much longer. So, it is recommended that you do not try to touch it up often.  A touchup can make it look blotchy and creased.  Apply the lipstick once and just enjoy the intense pigmentation and long-lasting power of matte lip colours that do not smudge, are summer-friendly, and can be worn even when your face is free of any other makeup. If you are looking to invest in one, matte lipstick shades with names like the burnt sienna by Coloressence Pure Matte Lipstick, the Zen sangria or Matilda by Auric Matte Creme Lipstick, and the Sweet Obsession or Terrific Toffee by Echt Beauti Velvet Matte Lipstick are definitely the ones you should consider buying.

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Matte Lipstick

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8 Reasons to Matte your Lips

The best matte lipstick stays on way longer than other lip colour products.  So, it will generally last through the long days at the office, picnics at the park, or the nights you dance away at the club without you needing a single retouch.

If you wear light to no makeup, matte lipsticks can prove to be your perfect companion. It blends well with makeup-free skin and adds colour that oozes confidence. A matte lip colour, even if it is a deep and bold one, will not draw attention to the lips.  The lipstick will blend well with the entire face, help define it, and add a splash of healthy colour to the face even if no other makeup is applied.  Even a matte nude lipstick can help you beautifully define your look.

A matte lipstick sticks to your lips and not to your glass, teeth, spoon, and so on. While it does not generally rub off, even if you happen to get it on a garment, you can easily wash it off. Invest in one of the long-lasting matte shades available in the market currently, apply it on the go, and simply forget about it as you eat, work, and play through the day. Remember to use a remover to remove the lipstick along with the rest of your makeup before turning in for the night.

Don’t go checking if your lips still look defined. Don’t pull out a compact mirror to check if you have gaps in the lipstick on your lips. Just be confident and enjoy your day because your lipstick will not smudge. It will not wear off or lose its intensity.

If you wear matte lipstick, you do not have to worry about not having worn any other makeup. The matte lip colour alone can complete your look without you needing to spend time and effort applying any other products.

Unlike its glossy and shimmery cousins, the matte lip colour works well even on sweaty hot summer days, leaving you looking cool, composed, and gorgeous. No more heavy lip colours that feel like they will soon start dripping down your chin along with all the sweat.

How to Wear a Matte Lip Colour

Wear it right and your lips will stay hydrated as you look gorgeous:

Matte lip colours stay on your lips for a long time. This can make them dry out the skin of your lips. To prevent your lips from drying out, first apply some petroleum jelly to your lips. Complete applying the rest of your makeup while letting it absorb into your lips and only then apply your lipstick. 

Apply your matte lip colour in a single stroke.  When there is more product than needed on your lips, it can start to look patchy and creased up.  A good way to proceed is to apply the colour first to your lower lip and then to the upper lip.

If you do not want flat colour on your lips, you can blend it with a bit of matching glossy shade or a nude matte lipstick and create your own unique look.

Don’t Smack for Smacking Lips

Just apply your favourite matte lip colour shade, first on the lower lip, then on the upper lip, and wait for the colour to set.  Do not rub your lips together or smack them as you often do with the glossy lipstick version. Smacking your lips when applying a matte lip colour can leave the lips looking creased and patchy. Once applied, a matte lip colour does not ever require a touch-up.  If you do touch it up with more product, it can leave the lipstick creased and blotchy.

You can buy your favourite shade of lipstick, be it pretty pink matte lipstick shades or its shimmery cousin, from the extensive range of makeup products available on Woovly. Just choose your favourite matte lipstick set from the ones sold by brands like Coloressence, Disguise Cosmetics, Note Cosmetique, Auric, etc, check out the various matte lipstick prices, place the order, and have it delivered right to your door.


Is a glossy lipstick less drying than a matte one?

Yes, a matte lipstick is more drying since it stays on for much longer than a glossy lipstick. 

Are matte lipstick shades available in all sorts of colours?

Matte lipsticks look good in all shades and define your face well, even if you are not wearing any other makeup. They tend not to stand out much but instead give your face the radiance of a full face of well-applied makeup. You can find matte lipsticks in various colours and shades like matte brown shade lipstick, matte pink lipstick, and matte red lipstick shades.

How often do I need to touch up a matte lip colour to keep it looking perfect?

Matte lipsticks are long-lasting and do not need any touch-ups.  If you touch up a matte lip colour, it may look patchy and creased.

How do I remove a matte lip colour from my lips?

Use a makeup remover. You can also apply some petroleum jelly to your lips, let it seep into the layer of lipstick, and then wipe it off with a warm cloth while moving gently in a circular motion.