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Selecting the proper skin care and grooming products for men can be a lot of work, especially since men don't pay a lot of attention to what goes on their skin and hair. But men's grooming kits curate all the products you need for your self-care. These kits include the products and equipment for a man to groom and care for his body. Grooming kits come in all shapes and sizes, with the most elaborate ones containing more than ten different products with basic ones containing 2 or 3 products. Most grooming kits include facewash, Body wash, Shaving kits, Trimmers, scrubs, shampoos,  conditioners and other hair styling products. These can vary based on the brands you are buying. Some of the most popular grooming kits are men's beard grooming kits and men's hair grooming kits. If you don't want too many products in your grooming kit, you can opt for basic kits like the Mancode Beard Grooming Essentials Kit with a beard wash and a beard balm. Some of the best grooming kits for men available at Woovly are Beardhood Grooming Kit, Bombay Shaving Company Trim and Care kit, Men Deserve combo of Daily hair cream + Beard softener, Clensta Men's essential care kit, ZLADE Ballistic Beard Growth kit, Mcaffeine Latte Intense Moisturisation and Repair kit etc. You can also find grooming kits to tackle body hair, such as LetsShave Beard, Body and head trimmer, ZLADE Ballistic Manscaping Body trimmer with detachable ceramic blades etc. Men's grooming kit gift sets are perfect for gifting purposes. You can find products like The Bombay Shaving Company 6-in-1 Advanced Shaving and Grooming gift kit curated in a premium gifting package.

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Self-care and grooming are essential, but most men don't pay much attention. Investing in a grooming kit can help take care of most of your grooming needs without much effort. Grooming kits can save a lot of your time and energy because everything you need for your grooming needs is already included. You can find different types of men's grooming kits at Woovly for various purposes. Some of the brands at Woovly that offer solutions to your grooming needs are Bombay Shaving Company, Clensta, Beardhood, LetsShave, mCaffeine, ZLADE, Mancode, Men Deserve etc. You can get these at the lowest prices during our routine sales and discounts. 

Types of Men's Grooming Kit

    • Body grooming kits- Body grooming kits contain body care products like shower gels, creams, scrubs, lotions etc., that help keep your body clean and tidy. You can also find body grooming kits with products formulated just for the face. The Clensta Men’s essential care kit is a basic skincare kit with face moisturising and lip lightening cream. 
    • Beard grooming kits- Beard grooming kits contain products and tools for beard care. So most of the kits come with a shaving set, beard growth oil, beard softening cream and even a small beard comb. One of the bestselling beard grooming kits is Beardhood Grooming Kit which comes with beard oil, beard wash, beard wax and comb. 
  • Manscaping kits- These kits include tools for getting rid of unwanted body hair. Manscaping kits usually have trimmers and different trimmer heads that can be used on various body parts. Some of the attachments are a foil shaver, full-size face trimmer, detailing trimmer head, hair clipper combs etc. The LetsShave Beard, Body and Head trimmer is a good kit for removing unwanted hair from your body. 

  • Benefits of using a grooming kit

    • It makes you look attractive.
    • Saves money and time.
    • It improves your hair and skin.
    • The products are easy and systematic to use.
    • Improves your self-confidence and self-esteem.
    • A well-groomed look is associated with good hygiene practices.
    • Quickly upgrades your overall appearance.
    • It makes you look professional and respectable.
    • Builds self-discipline.

    How To Use

    There are different products in men's grooming kits, so the usage will be specific to those products. The use of most of the men's beard grooming kits and skin care kits is pretty generic, but when it comes to manscaping kits, you have to follow the instructions carefully to avoid any mishaps. It is vital to refer to usage instructions to get the best results, especially when using hair removal products or manscaping kits. 

    Which is the best grooming kit for men in India?

    One of India's best brands for men's grooming kits is Beardhood. They have a wide range of grooming kits for various parts of your body. If you are looking for beard grooming kits, Beardhood has a range of grooming kits that are specially curated to meet your everyday grooming needs. These kits include a beard oil in flavours like Cafe Valentino Oil, Earthy Tones Beard Oil, Subtle Citrus Beard Oil etc. It also has other beard grooming products like beard wash, beard brush, beard comb, beard softener, moustache, beard wax, etc.

    You can check out the Beardhood Complete Face care and Sun protection kit for skin and body grooming. It comes with a tan removal facial scrub, Vitamin C facial serum and a sunscreen with SPF 50 PA+++. The contents of each box may vary, so you have to check the package to make sure that it has everything you need. 

    What Comes in a Grooming Kit?

    The size and contents of different grooming kits can vary. Some of the standard products in a men's grooming kit are: 

    • Hair wax
    • Beard wax
    • Beard oil
    • Face wash
    • Shower gel
    • Beard comb
    • Trimmer
    • Shaving kit
    • Deodorant 
    • Scrub 
    • Moisturiser
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