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Mineral sunscreens, also known as physical sunblock is a reflective shield made from minerals like zinc oxide that reflect the UV radiation and does not let any radiation touch your skin. These nanoparticles are active and make them invisible to the human eye. Minerals in skin care products like mineral-based sunscreen are a rage among people who have to spend long hours outdoors. People from all walks of life have stated how good and effective a mineral sunblock is for all skin types. Experts recommend it to people with sensitive skin who should stay miles away from chemical sunscreens. It is also safe to use and good for the environment. The sunscreen does not let your skin absorb any sun rays as the radiation gets destroyed when it touches the nano mineral particles. These have been dermatologically proven to be immensely safe to use, even for children. It is also recommended to tourists who visit the coral reefs and is called ‘reef safe sunblock’ that does harm the underwater life. Thus, check out the extensive range of mineral sunscreen in India from brands like VLCC, Lotus Herbals, Beardhood, Skin Secrets, Bella Vita Organic, Wow Skin Science, Neemli Naturals, etc.

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Mineral Sunscreens

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Prevent Tanning and Skin Damage with Mineral Sunscreen

If you are confused about mineral and chemical sunscreen, here are some clarifications. Mineral sunblock uses minerals like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide that deflect the sun’s rays and reduce the chances of UV radiation absorption. A chemical-based sunscreen is effective with the help of UV radiation neutralising chemicals like oxybenzone, octocrylene, homosalate, PABAs, etc. Thus, chemicals can enter your skin and dissolve to fight the UV rays. Therefore, mineral sunscreen may be your preference if you want to keep your skin from any chemicals. Even though these chemicals are not harsh, people with sensitive skin can react to the presence of chemicals in any of their skin care products. Try the best mineral sunscreen to stop the sun rays from entering and causing tan and sunburn. 

Benefits of Mineral Sunscreen

Brands that Sell Best Mineral Sunscreen in India

Get a wide variety of mineral-based sunscreen in India for all skin types. It comes with SPF 15 and above, and you can use whatever level of SPF is suitable for your skin based on sun exposure. Choose from several brands offering varying sunscreen formulations like VLCC, Lotus Herbals, Beardhood, Skin Secrets, Bella Vita Organic, Wow Skin Science, Neemli Naturals, etc.