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Onam is celebrated in the honor of welcoming King Mahabali, a generous and favorite among his people. Legend has it that he used to be rather arrogant at one point in time. To teach him a lesson, Lord Vishnu took the avatar of a young Brahmin boy called Vamana. When Vamana asked the King for alms, he refused and instead, said that he could bestow him with anything more valuable than mere alms itself. To this, the cunning Vamana said he’d wish to have 3 steps of land. Vamana showed his true self by taking his first step that covered the earth. His second step covered the entirety of the skies. Having no place to take his third step, he looks at the King, who now humbly offers his own head as a third step placement. 

As a boon for realizing his mistake, Vamana blesses King Mahabali to visit his subjects once a year which is celebrated with joy as Onam. 

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