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Hair fall is a serious problem that you can experience due to multiple stress factors like lifestyle, scalp-related issues, pollution, unhealthy diet, etc. No worries, as onion oil for hair growth is a proven hair growth stimulant at your rescue. Onion extracts have immense beneficial properties that stimulate hair growth. It is rich in essential minerals like iron, magnesium, and potassium. It is also rich in essential vitamins and other nutrients like vitamin C, vitamin B6, etc. The phytochemicals boost blood circulation, while active antioxidants like quercetin fight free radicals. Onion oil has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal properties to ward off dandruff. Red onion extracts are also a strong source of sulphur and are primarily responsible for extending the hair follicle cycle, from the growth phase to shedding. It helps build amino acids accountable for hair growth and promotes keratin production to strengthen and grow your hair faster. Keratin is the building block of your hair. It keeps your tresses strong, shiny, and thick. Thus, you can avoid getting split ends too. Several Ayurvedic products for hair include onion oil as their primary ingredient to ensure long and strong hair naturally. The active ingredients in onion extracts also help balance the pH levels in your scalp and hair, which successfully averts premature greying of hair. Brands like Sotrue, The Indie Earth, Glamveda, UrbanMooch, mars by GHC, etc., have crafted onion oil for hair to help you tackle excessive hair loss by boosting growth.

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Onion Oil For Hair Growth

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Onion Oil for Hair Growth - The All-in-one Solution to All Your Hair Problems

The rate of hair growth differs based on age, nutrition, and other external factors. It is essential to have a high rate of hair growth to combat hair issues like premature hair loss and hair thinning. Thus, onion oil for hair growth is the best solution. Although natural ingredients like aloe vera, onion, and coconut oil for hair growth can be used as home remedies, it is time that you upgrade yourself to much cleaner and approved formulations of onion hair oils to achieve quicker results. Onion hair oil is rich in nutrients like vitamin C, vitamin B6, potassium, sulphur, etc. Onion extracts nourish the hair follicles at each stage of hair growth when shedding occurs to improve the quality of your hair and roots. Onion oil acts as a strong fungicidal, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-oxidant. A wide range of onion oil for hair growth with added nutrients and benefits can help treat all your hair-related problems when used for an extended period. Thus, skip looking for answers for how to make onion oil for hair growth online and try these curated onion oil brands. 

Onion Hair Oil - Elixir for Thinning Hair

Try Sotrue Onion Hair Oil for Hair Growth with Black Seed Oil is one of the best onion hair oil for hair growth to treat dandruff and excessive hair fall. Extended use of this onion hair oil for hair growth helps reduce hair thinning by increasing your hair follicles’ anagen or growth phase. Onion hair oil by Glamveda is the best onion oil for hair growth in India for people who struggle with dry and brittle hair. It is ultra-light, non-sticky, and free from harmful chemicals and minerals. It has a rich blend of anti-oxidants, premium essential oils, and vitamins, which help provide strength and elasticity, aiding optimum scalp and hair health. You can also try the mars by GHC Thick Hair Grow kit with onion oil and the hair growth activator. It prevents excessive DHT levels and extends the hair growth cycle, delaying the hair shedding phase. The roller has 540 microneedles essential for effective micro-needling of the scalp and boosts hair growth and blood circulation, promoting collagen production for dark and thick hair. 

Benefits of Using Onion Oil for Hair

Hair fall is a serious issue due to a stressful lifestyle, unhealthy diet, pollution, dandruff, etc. Several factors take a toll on your scalp health, leading to premature greying and thinning of hair. There are alternate methods to cure excessive hair fall, using natural products that stimulate hair growth despite the circumstances. Onion oil has hair regrowth stimulants that solve several hair and scalp issues. Here are the benefits of onion oil for hair:

It promotes hair growth- The sulphur and folate help extend the anagen phase of your hair life cycle. Every hair follicle has several stages of growth and shedding. The anagen phase, or the first stage before catagen and shedding, gets extended while promoting hair growth, causing more hair to grow faster and stay on your scalp longer. 

It naturally conditions and softens hair texture - The red onion extracts aid in smoothening the texture of your hair. The nutrients help produce keratin, a vital element that makes hair shiny, smooth, and strong. Mix onion oil with a carrier oil to condition and nurture the frizzy hair into soft and voluminous locks for optimum results. 

It enhances and adds lustre to your hair strands - The onion oil nourishes the scalp and roots to help the hair follicles produce strong, shiny, lustrous tresses.

It treats the scalp and eliminates dandruff problems - Onion has natural anti-oxidants, is anti-inflammatory, and is an effective antiseptic. These properties are ideal for keeping dandruff at bay. The roots and scalp heal with onion oil and give you the dream hair. 

It prevents split ends - As hair grows, the end of the strands get worn out due to excessive styling, pollution, or other factors. And split ends are bad news for your hair as it makes the hair dull, tangled, and lifeless. However, onion oil reduces the chances by nourishing each strand of hair deeply with the help of sulphur and repairing it to get more volume. 

It prevents premature greying of hair- All the goodness in onion oil helps balance the pH levels of your hair. The anti-oxidant quercetin helps prevent greying of hair. 


Is Onion oil good for hair growth?

Onion oil nourishes the scalp with several beneficial nutrients like vitamin B6, vitamin C, potassium, sulphur, etc. It ensures that the hair follicles in your scalp get nourishment for thick and strong hair regrowth. Use onion oil regularly on your scalp and hair to fight dandruff and infections.

How frequently can I apply onion hair oil?

Applying onion hair oil once or twice a week is sufficient for best results. Massage the oil in gentle circular motions on the scalp and crown area to encourage blood circulation. However, there are no specific directions on the frequency of use. Follow the instructions for use given on the product labels to achieve optimum results. 

How long does onion oil take to grow hair?

Several studies have shown that after using the onion oil on the hair and scalp for two weeks, there was a significant amount of hair growth and almost 74 per cent more hair growth after week 4. Thus, onion oil is an effective hair regrowth booster. 

Is onion hair oil good for grey hair?

Apart from boosting hair growth, onion extracts in hair oil are immensely beneficial for the premature greying of hair. It fights the root cause of greying with its anti-oxidants that fight free radicals damaging hair follicles. Onion juice encourages blood circulation, delaying greying of hair.