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Some of the most simple products can be the most practical and useful inventions. Panty liners are an essential tool for women's health, but many women are not aware of what a Panty liner means. Vaginal discharges and occasional spotting are a normal part of a healthy reproductive system, but they can often lead to some discomfort and wetness in your intimate area. Panty liners help absorb your vaginal discharges and sweat from your intimate area to keep it clean and dry. These are ultra-thin, so you will not feel any irritation when you use them. Pads are bigger and uncomfortable to wear, especially when you are just anticipating your periods. Panty liners help deal with unexpected periods without having to use a pad. They are easy to use and work just like a pad; simply peel off the sticker from the back of the liner and stick it to the gusset of your panties. Different kinds of Panty liners come in various shapes and sizes like thong panty liners, reusable panty liners and panty liners with wings. At Woovly, you can find some of India's best intimate hygiene products that give you maximum comfort. The Panty liner's prices are very reasonable, and you have a lot of offers on them, so you will be able to find the right one that fits your budget. Some of the most popular Panty liners are PINQ Ultra Thin Panty liners, HI LIFE Organic Panty liners, Lemme Be Z Cup & Panty Liners, The Women's Company Regular Panty Liners, etc.

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Panty Liners

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Panty liners are a must-have in your bag during emergencies like unexpected spotting or vaginal discharge. This product will make your life so much easier. If you have a habit of tracking your menstrual cycle, a panty liner can prepare you for the days before your period starts. These are comfortable and easy to use. Some of our best-selling Panty liner brands are PINQ, Lemme Be, Sanfe, Yoni 100%, Sirona, The Woman’s Company, etc. You can even find a wide range of brands selling organic Panty liners like Pee Safe 100% Organic Cotton Panty liners and  Hi-Life Organic Panty liner with Wings. 

What Are Panty liners Used For?

  • Maintains intimate hygiene: If you have a long day of work or engage in physical activities like exercising, it can get a little sweaty down there. This is also common during certain days of your menstrual cycle when you have more than normal levels of vaginal discharge. Prolonged moisture in your intimate area can be a breeding ground for infections, especially Urinary Tract Infections. So it is important to keep it clean and dry to avoid any such scenario and maintain a healthy vagina.
  • While anticipating period: If you are nearing your period, it can create a lot of anxiety about its onset. So people use pads even before it has arrived, just to be on the safer side. But using a pad in this scenario might be bad for your intimate area since it could cause friction with your vagina and lead to itching and other irritations. A panty liner is a thinner and more comfortable alternative that will not cause such issues. 
  • Travel friendly: It is not possible to wash and dry your undergarments often when travelling. So, using a Panty liner can help keep your intimate area and undergarments clean. 
  • Postpartum bleeding: Postpartum Bleeding, also known as Lochia, is a very common phenomenon. This occurs for up to 8 weeks after giving birth. Sometimes it might only be light bleeding or spotting, so you can use panty liners to arrest the flow. 
  • Absorbs urine leaks: Urine incontinence is the involuntary urine leakage in women, especially when you sneeze, get startled or laugh. It is a common phenomenon that affects many women and is commonly seen while they are pregnant, after childbirth or during menopause. A panty liner can help avoid such embarrassing situations by absorbing the leaked urine.  
  • Spotting: Spotting is another common phenomenon that is seen in women who are of reproductive age. Irregularities in your cycle, pregnancy, ovulation, hormonal changes etc., can lead to spotting. It only causes very little bleeding, so a panty liner will absorb the blood without staining your clothes. 
  • Added protection: You can never be too sure about tampons, especially when you are bleeding heavily. So it is a good idea to wear a panty liner, even if you are wearing a tampon, to ensure no blood leakage. If it is one of your heavy bleeding days, make sure to secure with a panty liner to avoid such mishaps. 
  • How To Use Panty Liners?

    Panty liners are easy to use. It is just a smaller version of your regular sanitary pad, so it comes with a sticky adhesive part at the back, which helps keep it in place. Peel off the paper from the adhesive and place the product vertically on the gusset of your panty. You should not keep it on for more than five hours. If you feel like it has become moist, immediately change it to avoid infections. It is best to use unscented organic Panty liners. Otherwise, it could lead to itching and other irritations. 

    Can I Wear Panty liners Every Day?

    If you are someone who experiences issues such as spotting, vaginal discharges and urine incontinence often, it is perfectly fine to use it every day. You just have to be careful and change it every three to five hours or before that if it feels moist. Make sure to use organic and unscented panty liners that are gentle on the skin. Otherwise, constant friction with your skin can irritate the skin on your intimate area and lead to rashes. Scented Panty liners can also disturb the Ph of your vagina, which could lead to infections.

    Panty liners v/s Pads

    Most people are still not aware of Panty liners’ meaning and how it is different from a pad.  The main difference between a Panty liner and a pad is their sizes. Both the Panty liner and pad help absorb vaginal discharges, but pads are meant for days when you have a higher level of discharge, like when you are on your periods and you are bleeding. Panty liners are smaller than pads and thinner, making them suitable for days when you have light vaginal discharges and spotting. There is no hard-and-fast rule in this case. At the end of the day, it depends on what keeps you comfortable in these situations.

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