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If you are learning about holistic skin care, the term ‘paraben-free’ is not alien. Plastered and mentioned on several beauty products, especially skin care, paraben is an ingredient many people like to avoid. Get paraben free face wash to keep your skin clean and safe. Prevalent in makeup, haircare, and skin care products, paraben is known to have harmful effects on the skin and hair. Parabens are a group of chemicals used in cosmetic products that date back to the 1920s. It is included to increase the shelf-life of a product. It prevents the growth of bacteria and preserves your products for a longer period. However, although they achieve the intended purpose, parabens harm the body and the planet. They cause skin irritation and are also not easily biodegradable. Your face’s skin is the most sensitive compared to the skin on the rest of your body. It is important to keep your skin free from the harmful effects of paraben and sulfates. A paraben free face wash is ideal for those who wish to protect their skin and keep it healthy. Sulfate is also an ingredient that is harmful to the skin. Thus, get a paraben and sulphate free face wash if you have sensitive skin. You can get a wide range of products from these brands like Skin Secrets, Globus Naturals, MCaffeine, Plants Care, Bella Vita Organic, Mamaearth, GLAMVEDA, etc.

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Paraben Free Face Washes

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Paraben Free Face Washes – Stay Chemical-free and Enjoy the Freshness

Several dermatologists and skin experts recommend paraben- and sulfate-free products for the skin. Whilst supermarket shelves are filled with products that have paraben in them; some brands sell paraben-free products. Paraben-free products are gaining popularity and are taking the skin care industry by storm asonscious consumers want the best for their skin and hair. Take a look at some categories of face washes that are free from paraben and sulfate, making them perfect for your skin. 

Different Kinds of Sulfate and Paraben free Face Wash in India

Fruit Extracts Face Wash

Fruit extracts-based face wash without paraben and sulfate contains the natural goodness of fresh fruit extracts that refresh and rejuvenate the skin. With the luscious fragrance of fruits like papaya, strawberry, apple, and more, these face washes provide active nutrients that prevent blemishes, reduce pigmentation and lend a radiant glow to the skin. These face washes are one of the best paraben free face washes for normal skin.

Hydrating Face Wash

A deep hydrating sulphate and paraben-free face wash contain nutrients like vitamins A, B, and C to help the skin stay hydrated and moisturised. It reduces fine lines, improves the skin's elasticity, and lends an instant vibrant and refreshing feel. It repairs damaged skin and reduces the dullness and dryness of the skin.

De-tan Face Wash

A de-tanning SLS and paraben free face wash with salicylic acid is made with potent extracts from herbs and flowers. The face wash makes the skin feel refreshed, hydrated, and enriched with natural elements like aloe vera. The de-tanning action of the face wash works by neutralising the free radicals that tan your skin. It also helps keep the pH balanced and removes excess oil whilst hydrating, revitalising, and moisturising the skin. It removes tan caused by the sun’s UV rays and causes pigmentation. 

Anti-acne Face Wash

An anti-acne paraben free and sulphate free face wash is a perfect choice for those who have acne-prone skin. This paraben free face wash with salicylic acid as a key ingredient, the face wash removes dirt, unclogs pores, reduces acne, and eliminates blemishes. It helps regain the skin's lost shine and can be used in the morning and night. Pimples and acne do not stand a chance with the paraben-free face wash for sensitive skin.

Skin-whitening Face Wash

Get a skin lightening face wash with natural extracts, free from paraben and sulfates, like vitamin C, vitamin E, kojic acid, retinol, etc. The antioxidants and the collagen-boosting properties enhance your skin deeply and remove blemishes and pigmentation. However, they have no artificial ingredients that can harm your skin in the long run. So this one is the best paraben and sulfate free face wash.

Exfoliating Face Wash

Several exfoliating face washes have proven to be effective skin care products. You can get caffeine-based sulphate paraben-free face wash for your skin. Mild and gentle on the face, the natural exfoliating face washes lather on the skin to exfoliate it while gently protecting your skin.

Brands that Sell Paraben free Face Washes  Online

Some of the best SLS and paraben free face wash in India are offered by brands that cater to consumers who prefer conscious skin care. If you are unable to find any paraben-free skin care products in the supermarket aisle, then browse through these brands online to complete your skin care regime. Brands like Skin Secrets, Globus Naturals, MCaffeine, Plants Care, Bella Vita Organic, Mamaearth, GLAMVEDA, etc., have introduced a new range of sulfate and paraben-free skin care products. Each of these products is unique and guarantees you quality. 

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