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Pee Safe – One-step Solution for All Your Hygiene Needs  

Pee Safe is a revolutionary personal hygiene brand offering a wide range of products for all genders. Pee Safe has solved most personal hygiene problems that affect everyone with their amazing products. Their top categories include products for period care, toilet hygiene, body and face, intimate care, maternity care, home and outdoor, hair care, shaving and grooming, and many more. 

Face Serums for Daily Repair

Different face serums crafted with the goodness of natural ingredients like sea algae, salicylic acid, zinc, exfoliants, vitamin C, etc., will provide the much-needed love and care to your skin and cure all your skin issues. You will get a natural and healthy glow in a few days, and your skin will be clean, luminescent, and radiant.

How to Use:

Cleanse your face well and pat it dry. Squeeze the dropper and take a few drops of the product in your palm. Massage it gently all over your face and neck until it gets absorbed by the skin. It is highly recommended that you use skin-nourishing serums after every wash to get the optimum results. 

Hypoallergenic Loofah for Gentle Exfoliation

A gentle loofah is an essential item for a refreshing shower experience. Create a rich lather and work into your skin to eliminate the dead skin cells, revealing a soft and radiant skin.

How to Use:

Damp with water, add a few drops of body wash, and lather it up. Spread the foam evenly and rub it in circles all over the body. Rinse off the foam with water and let it dry until the next use. 

Razor and Shaving Foam for Women

Get specially designed razors for the body and bikini line to give you a smooth and safe shaving experience. Chromium-PTFE Technology infused razors come with a safety guard and ergonomic design, aiding an effortless shave. The shaving foam is infused with skin-soothing and anti-bacterial properties like coffee and aloe vera. 

How to Use:

Wash and exfoliate the area and lather it with the triple response shaving foam. Work along with hair growth and glide the razor lightly over the area for a clean, effortless shave.

Natural After Shave & Wax Oil

Try Pee Safe’s FURR range of aftershave and wax oil to soothe the skin after shaving and waxing. A rejuvenating massage with the product reduces redness and gives you a natural glow. 

How to Use:

Pour oil into your palms. Apply to the area and massage gently until the skin absorbs it.

Menstrual Cup Steam Sterilizer

It is the perfect device to sterilise your menstrual cups, kegel balls, etc., and eliminate germs from them to be used without any worries.

How to Use:

Pour five millilitres of purified water into the steriliser’s middle hole. Place the item you want to sterilise. Plug it in and check the indicator light. It means that the item is getting cleaned. Once the item gets cleaned, the indicator goes off, and the device stops automatically.

Vaginal Infection pH Screening Kit

pH balance is essential to having a healthy vagina. Any problems like burning, itching, discharge, etc., are caused by pH imbalance. Thus, use this self-testing kit to check if you have an infection at home with an easy-to-follow instructions guide.

How to Use:

Wash your hands and start collecting the fluid in your vagina with the swab. After collecting it, gently rub the swab on the pH test strip and wait for a few seconds. Check the strip's colour and follow the chart to understand your problem better.

Toilet Seat Sanitizer Spray

Pee Safe has peaked with the sales of this product that protects anybody, especially women, from infections like UTIs. It instantly kills the germs and infectious bacteria on the toilet seat with one spray, helping you have a safe experience in public toilets.

How to Use:

Shake the bottle and spray from a distance of 25 cm. Wait for 10 seconds before using the toilet seat.

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Pee Safe offers an extensive range of products suitable for personal hygiene care. Products like face serums, loofah, razors, aftershave, essential body oil, hair tonic, menstrual cups and steriliser, shaving foam, toilet seat sanitisers, intimate wipes, and wash, etc., are a few among the wide-ranging categories of Pee Safe products. 

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