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Distinctive fragrances can get you noticed even when amidst a huge crowd of people. A spritz from the right perfume can change your mood, boost your self-confidence, or leave you feeling refreshed. Scents can leave lasting impressions by acting upon your sense of smell. Although you cannot go wrong with selecting from the ‘his’ or ‘her’ range, there is ample scope to go beyond this basic method. Fruity, floral, woody, oriental fragrances, and many more come with a characteristic effect. While certain scents can be therapeutic and reduce stress, others can make you attractive. Mists, colognes, perfumes and more, there are many offerings to select from now. All these make experimenting to find a personal favourite (or many) fun. What’s more? They are great options for gifting your loved ones. With convenient online access to top brands like La French, Bella Vita Organic, Bombay Shaving Company, BIENE CARE, Sanfe, PureSense, etc., you can lay your hands on some of the best perfumes under 500 in India without burning a hole in your pocket.

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Best Perfume Under 500

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Perfume Under 500 to Get Your Pulse Going 

From the trial at the beauty counter till you get back home- you may have noticed that the scent changes with time. The perfume has several layers that develop and evaporate with time, namely, three notes. Aromas usually give out multiple notes when you are wearing them. The top note is first to hit your sense of smell and strike immediately upon application. However, it evaporates quickly. A vast portion is made of the middle notes come into play even as the top note dissipates, and these notes last the longest. Often undetected unless you have been wearing the perfume for at least half an hour or so, the rich base notes dictate the dominant theme of the perfume.

Types of Perfume

You can get a range of fragrances in scent, including derivatives from flora, to formulate the best perfume for men and the best perfume for women under 500 INR. Scents can also have alcohol, water, or oil in varying amounts. The quantity of solvent used along with the aromatic ingredients guides the strength of the perfume. Based on the intensity of the fragrance, scents can be broadly categorised into the following five types.

Parfum or Perfume

These are known to last the longest and contain the maximum concentration of aromatic ingredients (20 per cent to 30  per cent). You can expect the fragrance to last between 8 to 24 hours. It is the most expensive of all. Since there is usually less alcohol, this type is well suited for all– especially people with sensitive skin. Also, perfumes are not meant only for women; you can find the best perfume for men in India under 500.

Eau De Parfum or Perfume

Compared to perfumes, these contain slightly lower concentrations of aromatic ingredients (15 per cent to 20 per cent), making them somewhat less expensive than perfumes. You can expect these fragrances to last between 6 to 8 hours. Although alcohol and water concentrations are higher, so are the aromatic ingredients. So, these types of perfume for men and perfume for women under 500 can also be used on sensitive skin. 

Eau De Toilette

The concentration levels of aromatic ingredients in these can range from 5 per cent to 15 per cent. Since the quantity of alcohol is higher, these tend to wear off sooner than Eau de perfume. Affordable and popular, you can expect these fragrances to last 2 to 4 hours. 

Eau De Cologne

These contain the lowest concentrations of aromatic ingredients (2 per cent to 4 per cent). Often associated with men, you can also find colognes formulated for women. Inexpensive of the lot, you can find a variety of the best perfume for men under 500. You can expect these to last for about 2 hours.

Eau Fraiche

Although lesser-known, these are formulations with the least concentrations of aromatic ingredients (1 per cent to 3 per cent). ‘Eau’ means ‘water’ and ‘Fraiche’ means ‘fresh’– these are often used as sprays and mists. You can find the best ladies' perfume under 500 and men's perfume under 500 for quickly freshening up.

Brands that Sell Best Perfumes Under 500

Add the best perfume under 500 to your everyday must-haves. It is just a great way to begin your day. Regardless of the occasion, put your best foot forward with a lasting fragrance. You can now find brands like La French, Sanfe, and Bella Vita Organic that promise to pack in innovation along with aromas. Layered with essential oils, you can find vegan, non-toxic, indigenous alternatives that bring the best of nature and ensure its protection. Browse for the best long-lasting perfumes for men under 500 or the best perfumes under 500 in India for ladies- expect to be surprised pleasantly.