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Pulp Cosmetics Products - Truly Natural Millennial Skin Care for Millenials

Pulp Cosmetics is renowned as the first and most unique food skincare brand with products made of natural foods to give you  radiant skin. Pulp Cosmetics products range is cruelty-free and vegan to sync with Generation Z and young millennials. Some of its superfood ingredients include turmeric, kale, green gram, spinach, chocolate as well as kombucha. You can choose from healthy spinach skin masks to quality sunblocks that assure you healthy skin at all times.

Pulp Cosmetics GTG Superfood Daily Moisturiser

Made from natural ingredients like avocado oil, shea butter, aloe vera, safflower as well as seed cake extracts, among many others, this moisturiser also serves as an effective sunscreen. These natural and rich ingredients protect your skin from harsh sunlight and keep it nourished for a long time.

How to Use Pulp Cosmetics GTG Superfood Daily Moisturiser:

Apply sunscreen evenly across your skin and let it seep in properly. You should ideally use it 15 minutes before stepping out 

Pulp Cosmetics Coffee & Love Superfood Scrub

This is one of the most popular exfoliators when it comes to scrubs in Pulp Cosmetics. It is enriched with an ample amount of Acai, cocoa beans as well as coffee. It provides your skin with the ultimate scrub to leave it looking radiant and flawless. Rich in several nutrient oils like almond, grapeseed, soybean, and olive fruit, it is also enriched with a variety of valuable clays. It also includes fruit extracts, mica, as well as magnesium aluminium silicate, all of which cleanse your skin thoroughly and keep it well-moisturised. 

How to Use Pulp Cosmetics Coffee Love. Superfood Scrub:

This scrub is most effective on a wet skin texture. Take a palm-full of the scrub and rub it in a circular motion across your skin for a few minutes. Rinse and pat dry to welcome smooth skin.

Pulp Cosmetics Date Night Glow Serum

Add some glow to your skin for special occasions with the pulp cosmetics date night glow serum. A wonderful skin hydrant, enriched with provitamin B5, hyaluronic acid, tremella extracts, and rich ceramides. A single application nourishes your skin and leaves it glowing.

How to Use Pulp Cosmetics Date Night Glow Serum:

This lightweight serum can be applied to your neck, face, hands, or any dry skin area to nourish and hydrate it. You can also mix it with a nutrient cream or face oil to enhance the look.

Pulp Cosmetics Dance Flour Superfood Scrub

Explore the magic of exfoliation with this super scrub. Ingredients include natural goodness of maqui berry, green gram, turmeric, fenugreek, and a variety of rich clays. This scrub works as a wonderful skin toner and exfoliator to make your skin more firm. It efficiently removes dead skin cells and nourishes from deep within.

How to Use Pulp Cosmetics Dance Flour Superfood Scrub:

Use the scrub over wet skin for best results. You can scrub in a circular motion on the skin which has been impacted by harsh sunlight or which is dry. A 2-minute scrub suffices to rejuvenate tired skin.

Discover More About Pulp Cosmetics in the Virtual World

An extensive range of Pulp cosmetics products is available online. You can assess your skin needs and choose from the entire basket of vegan-friendly and nutrient-rich products to enjoy healthy skin.

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Woovly assures you get pulp cosmetics products that are genuine, safe, easy to use, enriched with natural ingredients, and make a healthy difference to your skin. Enjoy online shopping with Woovly at any time and avail doorstep delivery. 

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