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Safecup is a brand that focuses on making safe and convenient menstrual hygiene products for women. They not only deal with menstrual cups but also provide other products like period underwear, menstrual cup sterilizer, menstrual cup wash etc. 

Safecup aims to make products made up of safe and non-invasive materials. Most women experience irritation because of the long stems in menstrual cups. The menstrual cups at Safecup are very convenient because they have shorter stems than other menstrual cups. They also do not add any bleach or artificial colour while making the menstrual cups, so they are colourless. 

The best part about the brand is that they have a dedicated customer service team who will guide you through the usage of their products. Since menstrual cups are relatively new in the market, most people have apprehension while using them. The Safecup customer care team will help clear your doubts and queries about using the menstrual cup, period panties or any other products they offer. 

Types of Products at Safecup

  • Period Underwear: Period underwear is a revolutionary product for managing your menstrual cycle. This is a panty that will absorb your period flow. You don't have to attach a pad or tampon while using this product. This is an excellent option for people who experience leaks often on your period. It also has way more capacity than your regular pad and can hold 1.5 times more blood than a pad. The underwear can be worn for over 10 hours if you have normal flow and around 6 hours if you have a heavy flow. This is a safe and eco-friendly product because it can be easily reused after washing. The period underwear at Safecup has very stylish and comfortable. It is high-waisted with mesh panels on the sides, ensuring optimum protection from leaks. 
  • Menstrual cup: Menstrual cups are small silicone or rubber-based cups that can be inserted into your vagina to arrest menstrual flow. They are another eco-friendly option to manage your periods because a menstrual cup can be reused for a really long time. With proper care, you can even use it for over ten years! You just have to sterilize the product after every period to ensure it is completely free of germs. The menstrual cups available at safe are made of the highest quality materials that do not irritate. It is not composed of artificial colours and comes with a shorter tail that leads to less disturbance. 
  • Menstrual cup sterilizer: A menstrual cup sterilizer makes it easy to maintain your menstrual cup. This is a small device that can help in sterilising your menstrual cup after your period. You can easily plug this device anywhere and sterilize your menstrual cup. If you are a regular user of menstrual cups, this device is a must-have. When you place the menstrual cup inside, the device brings it to a boil and steams it at 100 degrees Celsius to eliminate germs. This is a hassle-free way to sterilize your sups rather than manually boiling water and placing the cup in it. 
  • Menstrual cup wash: A menstrual cup wash is a cleaning product that cleans your menstrual cup during your periods. You don't have to sterilize your cups every time you empty them and change them; you could just use the menstrual cup wash to clean them before inserting the cup back into your vagina. The Safecup menstrual cup wash helps in reducing the discolouration of your menstrual cup and alleviating bad odour. The product is formulated with natural orange essential oil. 

  • How to use Safecup products?

  • Period Underwear: Rinse the underwear once you use it and put it for a machine wash or regular wash. 
  • Menstrual cup: Fold the menstrual cup in such a way that there is a sharp tip at the top. Insert the cup into your vagina and leave it on for six to twelve hours or until it gets full. Rinse using soap or menstrual cup wash after taking it out of your vagina and sterilize after every menstrual cycle. 
  • Menstrual cup sterilizer: Pour water into the device and place the menstrual cup in it. Put the lid and turn it on. The device turns off on its own once the cup is sterilized. 
  • Menstrual cup wash: Add 5 ml of the product to your menstrual cup and mix a little water. Gently rub all over the cup using your fingers and rinse with water.
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