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Get noticed in a crowd with the distinctive aroma of sandalwood perfume. The lingering sweet extract of this wood found in the cradles of nature is a refreshing and warm fragrance that establishes your presence and leaves a pleasant impression on all. Boost your confidence and feel energised with a few spritzes of the best sandalwood perfume. The oriental smell is a strong indicator of woody notes that last longest yet have a mild aroma. It is one of the most popular scents added to every skin care product and is associated with other skin care benefits. Try the luxurious perfumes to get a sweet and spicy musk. It comes primarily from the barks and roots of the tree and is an ideal aroma for a subtle earthy tone. It is a versatile and exotic aroma that blends well with floral and citrusy hints and undertones. Wear the sandalwood essential oil perfume from a distance of twelve inches to get the mist all over you. You can add a few spritzes onto the pulse points like the wrist, the inner elbow, neck, underarms, and behind your knee. Explore a vast collection of sandalwood perfumes from premium brands like Bella Vita Organic, La French, Bombay Shaving Company, BEL AVENIR, BIENE CARE, TVAM, etc. 

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Smell Exquisite with Sultry Aroma of Sandalwood Perfume

Enjoy the lingering aroma of a unique woodsy sandalwood scent. It is a smell that anyone and everyone strongly links to great memories. Traditionally worn on Indian occasions for rituals, sandalwood essence invigorates and sets the mood for great experiences. Its poetic tone and complementing hints like citrus, spice, or floral notes make you smell heavenly. These fragrances enhance your personality and smell fresh all day. The three notes- top, middle and base have their functions. The top note is first to hit, followed by the middle and base notes. The origins of this perfume are in India, from the Santalum album tree, which is deemed sacred and is protected for ceremonial purposes. It emanates a golden oil from the heartwood, considered one of the finest fragrances worldwide. And it is a special note found in the best sandalwood perfume for women and the best sandalwood perfume for men. Wear this sophisticated scent with depth and warmth to stand out among a room full of people. Couple it with a spice note like vanilla for winters, a citrus note for the summers, and a floral note for the spring or fall. 

Types of Sandalwood Perfume

As a staple perfume of every perfume collector, the pure sandalwood perfume has been associated with several therapeutic, olfactory, skin, and other benefits. It is a natural extract that is loaded with nutrients. The sandalwood tree is semi-parasitic, ensuring it captures a rich amount of nutrients from its surrounding tree roots and organisms. It is derived from the steam distillation process to extract the sandalwood water. However, here are the types of perfume you can find with sandalwood notes. 

Parfum or Perfume

The classic scent with sandalwood heart notes has a high concentration. It is strong and lasts almost 8 to 24 hours long. It is often only put on the pulse points and left on its own to give off a woodsy scent. 

Eau De Parfum or Perfume

The mild yet aromatic concentration of multiple notes in a sandalwood Eau de parfum has a 15 to 20 per cent blend of fragrant extracts. It is a sophisticated perfume that can last between 6 to 8 hours. 

Eau De Toilette

Try the popular sandalwood Eau de toilette with a 5 to 15 per cent concentration of fragrant extracts. These can last typically between 5 to 7 hours and keep you smelling fresh all day. 

Eau Fraiche

Get this low concentration formulation with the least concentrations of sandalwood and other aromatic ingredients (about 1 per cent to 3 per cent). ‘Eau’ translates to ‘water’, and ‘Fraiche’ means ‘fresh’ in French. These give off a billowy aroma that is perfect for the summer day.

Brands that Sell the best sandalwood perfume in India

Get ready to cherish a delicious and original sandalwood perfume all day long with a few spritzes. Add a series of varying notes and fragrances with sandalwood middle notes to get unique and pleasant aromas. Tantalise the senses and get noticed for the signature scent of sandalwood. These perfumes have layers of multiple notes that emanate with time and highlight the heart note for the longest. Choose your picks from a kaleidoscopic range of luxurious fragrances with sandalwood notes like Bella Vita Organic, La French, Bombay Shaving Company, BEL AVENIR, BIENE CARE, TVAM, etc. Add them to your cart and get doorstep delivery without any hassle from the comfort of your home.
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