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Add zest and freshness to your shower experience with shower gel. With powerful and energising ingredients, shower gels are a game-changer. They are not only easy to use but also hygienic. The gentle and aromatic formulations of body wash gives your skin a soft and supple glow. Body washes come with various skin conditioning essentials that cleanse your skin and keeps it deeply hydrated. Thus, no more flakes or itchiness.

Improve the quality and texture of your skin with body washes that come with added moisturising cleansing agents and essential oils. Using the same soap bar exposes your skin to irritation and hygiene issues. Also, soap catches a lot of germs and grime after your first wash, making it an unsanitary option. Additionally, storing old and wet bar cleansers either while travelling or at home is a hassle. On the other hand, shower gel satisfies everyone’s needs and is a portable product that multiple people can use without worrying about hygiene. Even today, there is a need to understand what body wash is intended for and how to use it effectively. Get access to the extensive range of body shower gel on Woovly under brands like Coco Soul, Skin Tatva, Paul Penders, St Botanica, PureSense, Globus Naturals, etc.

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Cleanse Your Body with the Goodness of Shower Gels

Shower gels are carefully formulated to clean your skin and add some nourishment to it. Most people who have switched from a soap bar to bath gel have been thankful for making the change. Body washes come with pH-stabilising properties that soothe your skin and are suitable to use every day. You will notice your skin thanking you with a subtle glow after the first few washes. 

How to Use Shower Gel?

Using body wash to clean up is a hassle-free process. Here is an easy stepwise guide that will tell you how to use a body wash to feel fresh and clean every time.

  • First and foremost, moisten your body. Make sure you're using lukewarm water. If you wish to wash your hair beforehand, do so. 
  • Use your loofah or bath brush to apply a little quantity of shower gel. Each wash would require a coin-sized quantity. Lather up the liquid gel in the loofah and apply in gentle circles all over your body to eliminate the dirt and grime. Keep the bath gel away from your eyes and nose.
  • Rinse the residue with water after lathering your body and getting all the dirt and grime off. After you've cleaned it, pat yourself dry with a soft towel. End with a moisturiser to seal the moisture and prevent your skin from drying out.

Benefits of Shower Gel

  • Hygiene: Unlike bar soaps, which drip when left to dry in a soap dish, shower gels are safe to store after each use. When left in the open, bar soaps collect germs and minute dead skin cells that attach to their surface. Shower gels are extremely convenient, portable, and do not lay exposed. 
  • Cost-effective: Although shower gels are more costly than bar soaps, they are more cost-effective. To get a decent lather and assist you to clean your body, all you need is a coin-sized amount of gel wash. Put the gel on a loofah or a bath brush to get a thick lather that works all over for best results. Thus, a little goes a long way. 
  • Composition: Most bar soaps have the same formulation. They may come in various forms and scents, but they all have the same purpose: to remove dirt from the body. Shower gels and body washes are prepared differently. They not only are effective cleansers but also moisturise your skin, gradually improving the appearance and texture of your skin.
  • Efficient: Bath gels have a liquid consistency. It gets easily lathered up and spreads all over your body, with its essential nourishing properties working deeply. Rubbing bar soaps vigorously can alter the skin's pH balance and create discomfort. Thus, shower gels are efficient cleansers for your body. 
  • Therapeutic: Just as exfoliating ingredients may be added to shower gels, essential oils and calming aromas add a therapeutic aspect to bath gels to help you relax.

Shower Gel for Men

Men probably didn't have many alternatives in shower gels a few years ago. But With time, however, the market became crowded with shower gels designed exclusively for the demands of male skin. Because the texture of a man's skin differs from that of a woman's, a body wash gel capable of washing rough and tough skin is required. As a result, guys can't just choose from shower gel for women and expect satisfying results on their skin. Following some investigation, it is found that many high-quality shower gels are specifically developed to wash men's skin efficiently. These shower gels can be used in place of traditional bathing bars. 

The Best Shower Gel Brands on Woovly

Choosing the correct shower gel and understanding how to use it properly may go a long way toward making you looking vibrant and fresh. There are various body wash brands on Woovly. Some popular brands one can choose for shower gels are UXR Bath & Body, St Botanica, Coco Soul, Paul Penders, and PureSense. Try the volcanic mud shower gel on Woovly. These brands offer a variety of shower gels to assist you in transitioning from bar soap to convenient liquid gels. If you are looking for a pocket-friendly option, you can choose brands like Skin Tatva, Globus Naturals, BARE MINIMUM, GLAMVEDA and many more. There are some high-end brands, such as Donna Chang.

Switch Your Bar Soap with Shower Gel Today 

Shower gels are just as vital as the lotions and essential oils you use after a shower to keep your skin clean, supple, and glowing. You can select the finest body wash for your skin type now that you understand how to use bath gel and its meaning. Discover the best shower gel as per your requirements on Woovly at the best deals and offers. Woovly is your one-stop shop for all your body care requirements- from genuine beauty goods and premium quality products to secure payment channels and quick delivery.


Is it safe to use bath gel every day?

Bath gel can be used regularly as long as it is made with natural components.

Is it possible to use bath gel on our hair?

Applying bath gel to the hair is not a smart idea. Hair needs cleansers with different compositions, and bath gels have a different formulation that cleans and conditions the skin and not the hair. 

Is it alright to apply bath gel on our faces?

Your face has more sensitive skin than the rest of your body. The body wash is not recommended to be used on the face. Shower gels can also dry out the skin on the face and harm delicate skin.

Shower gel vs body wash- what is the difference?

The main difference between body wash and shower gel  is their composition. One is a clear gel; the other is translucent. Thus, shower gels are a type of body wash. 

What role does shower gel have in your life?

A bath gel wipes away excess oil and is great for oily skin. Shower gels even have exfoliating beads that can efficiently remove dead skin cells from your body. The bath gel can also be used in place of bubble bath items.

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