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Sotrue – Natural Skin and Hair Care Solutions

Sotrue is a brand that uses a wide range of natural ingredients like chia seeds, green tea extracts, jojoba, mineral oils, coconut, and more in the skincare and haircare products. They offer your skin and hair the nourishing goodness of organic herbs. The brand offers a wide range of products, from mask sticks and face serums to nourishing hair oils. The products are packed with the essence of natural ingredients, making  the organic cosmetic brand a favourite among many.

Sotrue Onion Hair Oil Growth with Black Seed Oil

This onion-based oil strengthens hair follicles and prevents hair loss. It protects you from dandruff and early greying of hair. A few applications of this oil are enough to show you the difference in hair quality and texture. Infused with the nourishing properties of onions, this oil promotes hair growth, keeps your scalp clean, and promotes blood circulation. Free of parabens, this oil works effectively on the hair of all textures and encourages healthy hair growth.

How to Use:

Take an adequate amount of the product in your palm and start massaging it gently onto your scalp. You can then apply it along the entire length of your hair strands. You can either leave the oil in your hair overnight or shampoo it off after a couple of hours. 

Sotrue Green Tea Cleansing Mask Stick For Face

The Sotrue green tea mask stick, made of green tea extracts, is your answer to a flawless facial skin texture. Some of its rich ingredients include vitamin E, green tea oil, green tea extract, kaolin clay, aloe vera leaf extract, glycerine and phenoxyethanol.. Kaolin works as an effective skin exfoliator. It cleanses your skin, reduces irritation and redness and soothes it. Its innumerable healing properties can work wonders on your skin. Phenoxyethanol prevents the growth of bacteria and protects your skin from developing infections. The mask keeps your skin free of acne and works as an efficient anti-ageing agent. Hyaluronic acid andgreen tea extractswork as a deep-cleansing agent, plumping the skin and lightening fine lines to give you a radiant glow. This compact roll-on mask is designed to be used on the go and fits right into your bag. Free of sulphates and synthetic fragrances, this mask can be used by people of all skin textures and types. 

How to Use:

Clean your face with a facewash. Use this roll-on mask to cover every inch of your face. Do remember to avoid your eyes and lips. Allow the mask to stay on for about ten minutes before thoroughly rinsing it off.

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The brand Sotrue lives up to its name by incorporating only authentic and nourishing natural ingredients to give users the best possible results. It offers everything from organic facial serums to eco-friendly facial masks and organic oils. You can use the oils and facial products of your choice and see the difference after a few applications.

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