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A stand and pee stick is a female urination device made especially for female urination. Also known as a stand-to-pee device (STP), the pee stick is a device which aids a female as well as a trans man to urinate by standing, especially in public toilets. Not many people know about pee cups and funnels. The usage of this device is simple; they help you in your easy urination. The device is given a shape of a funnel or a cup with no base, which allows you to stand and pee in public washrooms. You will find many brands available online when it comes to pee funnels, cups, or sticks. However, it would help if you make a wise choice while buying it online as not all of them are easy to use, and some can be harsh on the human body, especially on the women’s private parts where the skin is usually gentle and sensitive. Brands make these devices to allow women to use ergonomic, budget-friendly and simple devices to urinate without getting infected. A stand and pee stick can be useful for you in a lot of situations. They are very effective and user friendly when it comes to using washrooms in public. They are also good for pregnant women as it’s difficult for them to sit up and down for urination. Similarly, it is effective for older women with health problems, especially pain in joints.

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Stand And Pee Stick

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Stand and Pee Stick - A Device to Save You From Unwanted Infection

The pee funnel and pee cup are those devices that allow women more freedom while using public washrooms in case of an emergency. It is not always possible to hunt for a clean toilet or request the housekeepers to clean the toilet seats all the time. Therefore most women find it easier to use a device that lets them stand and urinate without worrying about any infection harming their sensitive areas. This urination device makes sure that you do not have to hover or hold back your pee that affects your bladder or keep searching for a cleaner public washroom. You can stay tension-free about the comfort level as it provides more comfort, especially if your body doesn’t allow you to sit and rise multiple times. To save yourself from UTIs or Urinary Tract Infections which are very common in women, you should start using these devices. One of the most common causes of these infections is dirty toilet seats, which you will find most of the time in public toilets. When you use a pee funnel, you don’t have to sit to urinate. You can stand and do the urination. This ensures that you do not get affected by direct contact with dirty toilet seats, which most of the time contain harmful germs. Hence your chance of getting affected by UTIs and other diseases is fairly less, and thus, you are saved.

Ladies Pee Stick - To Protect Your Sensitive Areas

Most public toilets are unclean and dirty, which spreads many infectious germs that can affect your private parts. Most women find it challenging to get a public washroom which is hygienic and good for their health. Pee funnels and sticks, especially the biodegradable one, allows you that dignity without causing any harm to the environment. The popularity of this product has increased because people have become more health and safety-conscious than ever. There are quite a few women's urination products available in the market, and you can check some of them and see which one works for you. As this is a product related to your health, you should not pick just a pocket-friendly stick but also ergonomic and user-friendly. Most of these products are portable and easy to carry. They fit easily in your pocket, purse,  or glove compartment, and you can take them for trekking, travelling, and other occasions. Most of the pee funnels for women are made from water-resistant coated paper, and each of the sticks is meant for single use only.

Application of Stand and Pee Stick

It is not good for your body if you do not urinate for long hours because it exposes your body to potentially harmful bacteria, further increasing your chances of getting a UTI, bladder infection, or other deadly diseases. Urinating is the body’s form of removing all the toxins and is one of the most important processes to keep your body healthy. Some people avoid sitting down on the commode and pee half-sitting down - this can be harmful to your pelvic muscles and must be avoided. Some brands have introduced pee funnels for women to deal with these problems. These urinating devices are portable, simple, and disposable devices generally made up of cardboard that women can use to stand and urinate, especially in unfriendly public toilets. To apply it properly, you should place the device between the flow area, and you can pee without any discomfort. After completing the process, do not forget to wash your hands to maintain your hygiene. 

Brands That Sell Pee Funnels Online

If you are looking for a device for maintaining your safety and keeping yourself away from UTIs and other infectious diseases, then wait no more. You can search for this product online, where you will find multiple brands selling this product at various price ranges. You can purchase the desired pee funnels that suit your requirements and keep your sensitive areas away from unwanted germs. Brands like GynoCup, Sanfe, PeeBuddy, PINQ, and The Woman’s Company sell this product online.
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