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Stretch marks can be one of the most concerning skin issues. It is almost impossible to get rid of it sometimes, and you have to resort to expensive procedures like laser stretch mark removal to remove it. But recently, many products have been available that can help fade off and even prevent the formation of stretch marks. Stretch marks are commonly found in pregnant women or children hitting puberty. It can also occur among bodybuilders or people who drastically gain and lose weight. They are caused when your skin starts stretching because of various reasons. It is mainly caused by three major factors: your genetics, the level of the hormone cortisol in your body and the level of stress on your skin. At Woovly, you can find some of the best stretch mark removal creams in India. Many brands like Sirona, mCaffeine, Sanfe, Prakrta, Volamena etc., offer some effective stretch mark removal solutions for the skin.

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Stretch marks are a type of scar on your skin due to the imbalance of collagen and elastin. This happens when your skin goes through rapid growth spurts, especially during pregnancy or weight loss. Initially, a fresh stretch mark will have a purple, red, pink or brown colour. This can vary based on your natural skin tone. After some time, it fades into a lighter colour. You can get some of the best deals on stretch mark removal creams on Woovly, and the Stretch marks removal cream prices are some of the lowest here. 

Types of Stretch Mark Removal Products

  • Oils: A stretch mark removal oil helps fade existing stretch marks and prevent the formation of fresh ones. It is recommended to use it as soon as you notice the appearance of new stretch marks. The FURR by Pee Safe Sea Buckthorn Organic Stretch Mark removal oil is an excellent option for people who want to invest in stretch mark removal oil. 
  • Exfoliators: Regular exfoliation can effectively fade off stretch marks from your body. It helps in removing the dead cells on the stretch mark to make it less visible. The mcaffeine cellulite and stretch mark reduction duo come with a coffee body scrub and body polishing oil that can help fade your stretch marks. It is enriched with the goodness of coconut oil, sweet almond oil and vitamin e.
  • Body butter: Keeping your skin hydrated can go a long way in avoiding the formation of stretch marks. Body butters are highly effective in providing intense moisturisation to your skin. You can find body butters specifically formulated to prevent stretch marks, such as Sirona stretch marks body butter and Prakrta Vita ‘Mum’ E- belly rub butter. 
  • Body cream: A body cream is thinner and lighter than body butter, but it can also be highly effective in hydrating your skin and preventing the formation of stretch marks. Check out the Volamena body cream for stretch marks and scars enriched with the goodness of Shea butter, Cocoa butter, Vitamin E and apple plant cells.

  • Which is the best pregnancy stretch mark cream?

    The Prakrta VITA’MUM’ E- belly rub butter with vitamin E is an excellent anti-stretch mark cream for pregnant women. The ingredients list boasts hydrating substances like Raw cocoa butter, raw organic shea butter, virgin coconut oil and natural vitamin e. The ingredients are 100% edible grade, so the product is entirely safe to use for pregnant women. It is free from harsh ingredients like mineral oil, parabens, silicones, phthalates, petroleum jelly etc. 

    How to use stretch mark cream?

    While using a stretch mark cream is imperative to use it consistently to see actual results. Otherwise, it will only act as a moisturising cream instead of fading off your stretch marks. It is recommended to apply it on wet skin to maximise the effectiveness of the cream. Apply it twice daily, both morning and night, for best results. Massage it for a few seconds on your skin to ensure it is adequately absorbed.

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