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A major issue most sunscreen users struggle with is the greasy look you get after stepping out in the sun. This is especially common among people with oily skin because their skin already secrets excess sebum. Combined with sunscreen, it makes your skin even more greasy and oily.  Sunscreens are designed to form a protective shield around your skin to prevent it from coming in contact with the sun's harmful UVA and UVB rays. Therefore,  they have a very thick and heavy consistency. Like every other skin care product, choosing a sunscreen suitable for your skin type is imperative. Sunscreens for oily skin are composed of the same ingredients as regular sunscreen, but they help avoid the greasy look by giving a matte finish to your skin. At Woovly, you can find some of the best sunscreens for oily skin in India with brands like Wow skin science, VLCC, Mamaearth, Arata, Fuschia, Volamena etc. These sunscreen creams for oily skin will balance the sebum levels on your skin and give you a mattified look.

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Sunscreen For Oily Skin

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Sunscreens for oily skin help in protecting the skin from the sun's harsh rays while maintaining the texture of your skin and preventing breakouts. When your skin is too oily, it can even wear off the product from the skin's surface. But these sunscreens have the power to stay intact on your skin even with the excessive sebum and oil. You can find different products like best sunscreen for oily acne-prone skin, gel sunscreen for oily skin, sunscreen lotion for oily skin, and best sunscreen for oily skin recommended by dermatologists.. 

Types of sunscreen

  • Physical sunscreen: These types of sunscreens are suitable for people with sensitive skin since they are less likely to cause adverse reactions. Physical sunscreens create a physical barrier on top of your skin to prevent the harsh rays of the sun from coming into contact with your skin. These are also known as mineral sunscreens, and the major ingredients are zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. They have a thicker consistency than other types of sunscreen and are more likely to cause a white cast on your skin. But you can also find tinted physical sunscreens that help camouflage the white cast. 

  • Can I skip moisturiser and use only sunscreen?

    If your sunscreen has a moisturising base, it is completely fine to skip a moisturiser. But ideally, you should be using both. Both sunscreen and moisturiser cater to various needs of the skin. Moisturisers provide hydration to the skin, whereas sunscreens offer sun protection. You can also find moisturisers with a sun protection factor (SPF) that serves both purposes. The Pulp GTG Superfood Daily moisturiser is formulated with SPF 40, protecting your skin from UV rays while providing moisturisation. 

    Can sunscreen give you pimples?

    There is a chance that sunscreen can cause breakouts on your skin if you are allergic to certain ingredients. You can also get breakouts if your sunscreen has comedogenic ingredients. These ingredients have a thick consistency that blocks your facial pores and leads to developing pimples and white heads. If you are susceptible to breakouts, it is recommended to look for non-comedogenic sunscreens. The Arata matte finish sunscreen is a safe and non-comedogenic product that gives your face a matte texture.

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