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Sun damage is one of the leading causes of early onset of ageing. Sunscreens help in protecting the skin from the harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sun. They protect you from sunburn and early signs of ageing such as wrinkles and fine lines. They can also assist in reducing the risk of diseases like skin cancer. Sunscreens are formulated with active chemicals that absorb or reflect the harmful ultraviolet (UV) light, preventing it from reaching the deeper layers of the skin. But just because you applied sunscreen doesn't mean that you can stay in the sun for longer. None of these products provides complete protection from sun damage. They cannot shield you from all of the sun's rays nor can they prevent tanning. They can only provide protection and immunity to your skin to an extent.

It also depends on the Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of your sunscreen lotion. The sun protection factor is very important for sunscreen. The best sunscreen body lotions have an SPF of over 30 or more. Sunscreens are available in a variety of shapes and sizes such as cream, lotion, gel, stick, spray, and lip balm. But lotions are the most common type of sun protection. These can be applied like a moisturiser and creates a protective barrier around your skin. They should be applied religiously every day and if you are going to spend long hours outdoors, then you should also reapply it every 3 - 4 hours. Woovly has some of the best sunscreen lotions for men and women with brands like Aryanveda, Skin Tatva, Bella Vita, Globus Naturals, and Paul Penders. If you are looking for a sunscreen lotion with SPF 50, check out The Ayurveda Co.’s sunscreen lotion with Eladi, Triphala, and Hemp seeds.

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Sunscreen lotions are probably one of the most important skincare products. Everyone should use suitable sunscreen lotion for the body every time they go out in the sun. The results of using a sunscreen lotion can be clearly visible as we grow older. If you religiously use sun protection, the signs of ageing, such as wrinkles and fine lines will only show up much later. If you are looking for the best sunscreen lotion in India, check out the range of products at Woovly with brands like VLCC, St. Botanica, Greenberry Organics, Paul Penders, Globus Naturals, etc. You can find a lot of sunscreen lotions for dry skin, sunscreen lotions for oily skin, sunscreen lotions with SPF 30, and sunscreen lotions with SPF 50 suitable for your skin type.

What are the different types of sunscreen lotions?

They are mainly divided into two categories, physical and chemical. Physical sunscreens usually have a thicker consistency and most of them leave a white cast on the skin upon application. They are also known as mineral or natural sunscreens and their key ingredients are titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. These ingredients create a protective shield around your skin and reflect the sunlight that falls on your body. Most of these lotions are physical sunscreen. They are less irritating than chemical sunscreens and are extremely effective. 

Chemical sunscreens get absorbed into the top layer of your skin so they don't leave a white cast. They have a thin and light consistency but it needs to get absorbed properly into your skin. These types of sunscreens are found in liquid and spray forms. The best type of sunscreen lotions for the face is mostly chemical sunscreens. It is important to apply chemical sunscreens at least twenty minutes before going out since it takes some time to get absorbed into your skin. These types of sunscreens are not recommended for people with sensitive skin because there is a good chance your skin will react to the ingredients in it.

What are the benefits of sunscreen?

How to Use Sunscreen?

People often emphasize the importance of wearing sunscreen but they don't talk about how to apply them correctly. If not used enough or correctly, you will not get any benefit out of these sun protection products. It is important to know the correct application of this product to offer complete sun protection to your skin. 

What Sunscreen Is Best for Your Face?

When you are buying sun protection for your face, it is important to invest in a sunscreen that does not leave a white cast. So chemical sunscreens are the best choice for the face. But these are not recommended for people with sensitive skin so you can look for a good lightweight physical sunscreen. The St. Botanica Vitamin C sunscreen lotion with SPF 75 is a dry touch sunscreen that does not leave any white cast. It is suitable for people with oily skin since it gives your skin a dry surface upon application. The product is formulated with Vitamin E and natural oils like coconut oil, sweet almond oil, and grapeseed oil that provide sufficient nourishment and hydration to your skin.

How Much SPF Is Good for Indian Skin?

The amount of melanin on your skin can influence the level of sun damage that you could get because it can block UV rays to an extent. People with darker skin tones are less likely to get sun damage than fair-skinned people. So people with lighter skin tones should be using sunscreen lotions with a higher SPF. Indian skin is generally dusky so, an SPF of 30 or more will provide sufficient protection. 

Can I Use Sunscreen Every Day?

Yes, you can use sunscreen daily as a means to protect your skin from sun damage. You should not skip the sunscreen even if it is a cloudy day or if you are sitting indoors. Surprisingly, the sunlight from your windows can also gradually contribute to sun damage. You should make sure to reapply the product if you are out in the sun for more than 3-4 hours. Since the damage caused by ultraviolet rays only happens over time, you have to take these measures to protect your skin when it happens. If you are not going to spend time directly in the sun, you can use a sunscreen that has a lower sun protection factor like SPF 15. The VLCC fair plus glow sunscreen with SPF 20 is perfect for everyday use if you are going to spend time indoors. But if you will be coming into direct contact with sunlight, it is best to stick to SPF 30 or more for optimum protection.

Should I Apply a Moisturiser Before Using Sunscreen?

It is not mandatory to use a moisturiser before using sunscreen. The usage depends on your skin type, the formula of your sunscreen, and what feels comfortable for you. If your sunscreen provides sufficient hydration to your skin, you don't have to use a moisturiser. Sometimes it can feel a bit greasy when you use multiple products on your skin, especially if your skin is already oily. So it is important to understand what your skin needs before blindly layering products.