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Are you tired of the discomfort caused by bulky sanitary pads during menstruation? The constant clean-up and switching between sanitary napkins while on the move gets tricky. However, tampons are here to give you a break from the usual worries of menstruation. Whether you are hitting the gym or going to a party, the disposable plugs are ideal for any situation. These medical devices approved by the FDA are small tubes that can absorb a lot of menstrual blood at a stretch. You can swim, run, or even travel wearing a single-use or reusable disposable plug. Several factors like strength, absorbency, and size can help you decide which plug is suitable. They usually come with a tube applicator for effortless insertion. They are made from cotton or a blend of cotton and rayon that are medically proven to be safe materials that absorb menstrual blood. With the environment in mind, several brands have focused on creating more sustainable and environment-friendly tampons with biodegradable packaging and removing toxins from the absorbent material without chlorine or dioxin. Tampons are also preferred as it doesn’t stop menstruators from travelling or swimming. Brands like The Woman’s Company, Sirona, Lemme Be, Yoni, Pee Safe, etc., offer tampons for online purchases that are organic and biodegradable, absorbent, comfortable, and easy to use. 

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Practical Tampons for Carefree Periods 

Tampons are menstrual products that absorb the discarded blood from a woman’s body hygienically. To know the tampon meaning, think of a cylindrical plug of highly absorbent materials inserted in the vaginal canal to ensure no spillage or discomfort from harsh sanitary napkin material. There are various types of tampon pads based on the size and materials used to make them. 

What is a Tampon Pad Made From?

Ultra absorbing materials are the basic requirements for making disposable plugs. Cotton fibres, rayon, and a mixture of both the fibres are needed to manufacture them. There are organic cotton varieties available too. The absorbency rates differ in the plugs according to the type of fibres present within. While the cotton varieties get made from plants, the rayon types contain cellulose fibres obtained from wooden pulp. 

How to Use a Tampon?

Compress the menstrual product in the shape of a cylindrical plug that has a string attached at one end. Once inserted inside with the rope hanging outwards, it is held in place by the walls of the vagina. Before insertion, washing the hands thoroughly with soap and water is mandatory to avoid infection. The best position for placing the tampon is also important for painless insertion. One may sit on the toilet seat with both the legs opened wide or elevate one leg on a stool for better access. Some tampons come with an applicator that facilitates the insertion process. With the applicator opened and placed at an upward angle, push the outer tube with the index finger until the tampon gets inserted. When the tampon is in the best position, you will hardly feel. In case of any discomfort, discard the tampon by pulling the string and throwing it away. The tampon expands as it absorbs the menstrual blood. All the blood gets efficiently soaked conveniently and hygienically. The string on end helps dislodge the tampon effectively when the vaginal tampon is fully soaked. Replace with a fresh tampon to feel good all day. 

Dispose of the tampon by wrapping it up in toilet paper and dumping it into the garbage. Flushing it down the toilet may cause clogging, so make sure you never dispose of a tampon in the bathroom. 

How to Choose the Right Tampon?

It is important to know what type of tampon is the best for your menstrual cycle. As different menstrual plugs have varying absorption rates, buy tampons that last for four to five hours. You have to choose a tampon according to blood flow, whether light or heavy. 

You can start with a tampon with a light-absorbing efficiency and use another with greater absorbing variety when the flow gets heavier. According to your preference and comfort, there are different sizes. Some tampon varieties come with cardboard applicators for safer disposal. There are biodegradable tampons available for safer removal and eco-friendly disposal. The colour of the rayon tampon varieties ranges from lightly brown coloured types which are non-bleached to white coloured types which are bleached. The pure cotton varieties or cotton-rayon blends are normally white. 

Why Should You Buy Tampons?

Tampons are a cost-effective solution for menstruation. It does not burn a hole in your pockets as you don’t need to keep switching pads. It creates lesser landfill waste compared to more common menstrual hygiene products. You can practice swimming while menstruating with a tampon on. Choosing the best tampons can be a knotty task with the superabundance of feminine sanitary products easily available online. There are mini or regular-sized varieties made with a string sewn within for easier removal. The menstrual plugs are sterile when packaged and therefore safe for direct use. You also get the option to choose a tampon variety made from certified materials with or without applicators. You may also choose between plugs meant for heavy or regular blood flow. The tampons’ price in India depends on the absorbency rate, size of each tampon, and number available in each pack. Depending on the brand, the number of tampons in each box may range from 8 to 16. You can also select the number of packets in each purchase, whether one, two, or three packs.
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