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The Bamboo Bae – With Love, from Nature

The Bamboo Bae is one of the most reliable bamboo products manufacturers in India. The brand’s foundation is based on the principle of ‘By nature, For nature’ and the primary goal is to promote sustainability through products. The health and wellness solutions they create are 100 per cent natural, eco-friendly, good for health, chemical-free, and bacteria-free. They offer multiple categories of products such as combs, toothbrushes, body scrubbers, and more.


These bamboo toothbrushes have charcoal bristles that are made of neem wood, which is 100 per cent natural and toxin-free. The eco-friendly and biodegradable charcoal-infused bristles fight plaque and germs and ensure your teeth are left sparkling and strong after each use. The toothbrushes are made from leftover timber. So, they help reduce the creation of non-biodegradable and often toxic plastic waste.

How to Use:

Using these toothbrushes is easy. You can use it in the same manner as your normal toothbrush - wet it, apply toothpaste, brush your teeth, and rinse clean. The difference is that you enjoy the benefits of bristles made of neem – which is naturally whitening and has germ-fighting properties – and you also don’t create plastic waste.


Neem comb is another eco-friendly and biodegradable product from The Bamboo Bae. Made from leftover timber from the furniture industry, these combs are handcrafted and suitable for all types of hair. Neem is known for its antiseptic properties. Using a neem comb helps fight scalp irritation and dryness. The smooth, rounded teeth soothe and massage the scalp and improve blood circulation to the hair roots without letting the comb get tangled in your hair.

How to Use:

The neem comb effectively prevents dandruff and promotes hair growth. Using it is simple. Just brush your hair as you normally would with a traditional comb. Try not to brush your hair right after you’ve washed it to prevent breakage.

Safety Razor

This handmade safety razor makes for a classic self-grooming product. It is ergonomically designed, looks great, and can be used by both men and women. The handle is 100 per cent bamboo, and the blades are made of stainless steel. This makes them the more durable and sustainable option compared to traditional razors. 

How to Use: 

They are similar to your traditional safety razor, so you can use them similarly too. Just use your usual shaving cream or gel and use the sharp razor blades to trim all your hair away. They are ergonomically designed and have a non-slip grip, so you can use them without worrying too much about nicks and cuts in hard-to-reach places.

Body Scrubber

Body scrubbers remove dead skin cells from the skin's surface and help expose the fresh layer underneath. This 100 per cent organic scrubber made of the roots of vetiver grass (khus) goes a little further than that. Vetiver grassroots contains essential oils that help scrub off dead skin, soothe heat rashes, and stimulate blood circulation. 

How to Use: 

They come in 100 per cent natural and zero plastic packaging and can be used the same way as your traditional scrubbers. Wash the body, take a dollop of the product in the palm of your hand, gently massage various parts of your body with it, work the product up to a soft lather, and then rinse it off. 

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You can also find an extensive range of products for your various health and wellness needs from The Bamboo Bae. Explore combs, toothbrushes, safety razors, smoke-free candles, scrubbers, and more offered by the brand.

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