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PINQ - Premium Women’s Wellness Products

PINQ offers premium quality hygiene and personal care solutions for women’s wellness. From light flow to heavy flow days, the brand offers specific products to ensure ultimate comfort on the days of discomfort. The brand is renowned for its self-care and wellness product range, offering sanitary pads made with ultra-soft cotton lining with safe, hygienic packaging and biodegradable disposable pouches. PINQ provides many other women’s wellness products like breast pads, intimate hygiene goods, panty liners, sanitary hygiene products, stand and pee sticks, etc. 

PINQ Happy Month Box

It is the trademark box by PINQ, which includes everyday essentials for women. Get a combo of 25 high-quality pantyliners, ten intimate wipes, a pocket-friendly mini notebook, five pee-on-the-go funnels pouch, a lip balm, one reusable face mask, and a surprise gift. The organic pantyliners offer you day-long comfort and protect you from bad odours.

How to Use:

Each product is used differently. Peel off the paper on the rear end of the panty liner, position it into your inner garment and firmly secure it. Use intimate wipes to clean your private area; use a funnel pouch when using the public restroom. 

PINQ Polka Feel Rash Free Ultra-Thin Sanitary Pads Regular

These hygienic sanitary pads are made with premium-quality cotton to protect your skin from developing a rash or itching. These are formulated with superior quality gel technology to prevent leakage. The gel technology maintains the softness of these cotton pads, making them ideal for all types of skin textures. These eco-friendly pads are biodegradable, making them very popular amongst users.

How to Use:

Peel the paper on the rear side of the sanitary pad and secure it firmly inside your innerwear. You are now set to carry out your day as usual with the comfort of PINQ.

PINQ Pee-On-The-Go Bio-Degradable & Eco-friendly Urination Funnels

The Pee-On-The-Go funnels from PINQ, designed for urinating, are one of the most convenient and safe products, which protect women from the grime and dangerous infections of unkept public restrooms. Choose from various options and combos of single-use funnels.

How to Use:

Once you unfold the funnel, you have to position it following the curves of your vagina. Ensure that it is tilted towards the water closet so that you can urinate properly. You can then dispose of the funnel in the dustbin after using it. 

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PINQ products come in convenient pouches which are disposable. Their sub-brand POLKA provides everyday female essentials like panty liners, sweat pads, sanitary pads, and breast pads. The brand also empowers women from underprivileged sections of society in curating the boxes, including everyday essentials. Every purchase made from PINQ results in the distribution of free sanitary pads to those who are unable to afford them.

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