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The Woman’s Company makes hygiene products for women that are safe and easy to use. With a range of products such as day and night pads for women, menstrual cups, panty liners, razors, and more, The Woman’s Company is here to give you intimate hygiene products that are mindful of your body as well as nature. The founder & CEO of the firm, Ms Anika Parashar is an award-winning TedX speaker who has taken it upon herself to provide the best of intimate hygiene products to womankind.

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The Woman's Company

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The Woman’s Company - Eco-friendly Feminine Hygiene Products

The Woman’s Company creates biodegradable hygiene-based products to ensure the health and wellness of women across all age groups. These products include menstrual cups, bamboo razors, pee sticks, sanitary pads, and panty liners. Better referred to as intimate products for women, these are eco-friendly and provide comfort on menstruation days.

The Woman’s Company Regular Panty Liners 

Hygiene is an essential aspect of self-care during periods. To wear or not to wear a sanitary napkin is a crisis women go through in the initial and ending days of the period. Thus, to stay clean and fresh all day, these panty liners are an ideal choice. They are made from organic cotton and certified quality ingredients. The cotton gets bleached with safe ingredients. Free from dioxin and chlorine, the top layer absorbs the liquid quickly. Meanwhile, an anion chip present in these panty liners prevents bacteria breeding and keeps odour at bay. These organic panty liners are ideal for everyday use as they help maintain self-hygiene and protect you from toxic shock caused by sub-standard sanitary products. Most importantly, these liners are biodegradable and do not cause pollution.

How to Use:

Peel the adhesive strip of the panty liner at the centre. Once you do that, position the panty liner to your innerwear appropriately and secure it to have a tension-free day out. 

The Woman’s Company Eco-friendly Bamboo Razor

The Woman’s Company bamboo razors are a life-saver to get rid of unwanted body hair. The handle of this razor is crafted out of premium quality bamboo to give you a firm grip. The bamboo keeps the handle free of bacteria. It is also organic and does not cause environmental pollution. The high-grade steel prevents the blade from rusting and is durable. Use this friendly razor to remove hair on your body and enjoy a smooth and glowing skin texture.

How to Use:

Twist the blade holder to separate it from the bamboo handle. Once you have safely inserted the blade onto the blade holder, you can start using the razor with ease and enjoy a smooth skin texture with every use.

The Woman’s Company Portable & Biodegradable Stand and Pee Stick

This eco-friendly device helps women use public washrooms without the risk of contracting any harmful infections. The Pee Stick is designed in a manner that you can stand and attend nature’s call without spillage or embarrassment. The best part is that the product is completely disposable and made with eco-friendly material. The Pee Stick is easy-to-carry, eco-friendly, and disposable. Its ergonomic design helps you have a pleasant experience and keep coming back for more. 

How to Use:

Unfold the device. Open the Pee Stick and place it between your legs appropriately to urinate through the pee stick with ease. It can then be disposed off immediately.

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The Woman’s Company is an award-winning organisation that caters to the hygienic requirements of women, especially in their productive years. In a short period, they have expanded their business overseas as well. All their products are made in the larger interests of women in the age range of 12-45 years. Bio-degradable in nature, their products do not have an adverse impact on the environment. Their range of products helps to enhance the overall hygienic levels of women. 

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