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Experience the goodness of Tru Hair oil with nurturing extracts of Ayurvedic ingredients. The brand formulates and blends several clinically tested elements with Ayurvedic extracts to help you achieve thick and lustrous locks. Oiling your hair is an essential and healthy habit that helps not only your hair but also nourishes the scalp to grow thicker and stronger hair. Tru hair focuses on delivering solutions for hair problems by tackling the root cause. The age-old practice of massaging oil into the scalp helps soften and condition your hair’s texture that gets stripped away with frequent washing and exposure to pollution. The range of ayurvedic oils contains several vitamins and minerals essential for healthy keratin production in hair follicles. It also helps reduce hair loss by improving blood circulation and protecting the hair cuticles from harmful chemicals from styling products. The Tru Hair Fermented Rice and Coconut Milk Oil is an elixir for your hair. This lightweight and non-sticky oil promotes hair growth, has antifungal properties to fight dandruff, strengthens the hair follicles, and balances the pH levels of your hair. It comes with a Tru Heater that heats the oil upto 65 degrees within four minutes to allow deeper penetration of the oil to fight hair loss and frizzy hair. Other hair oils offered by Tru hair are Tru Hair Castor Oil, Tru Hair Onion Hair Oil, etc. Cure problems like dandruff, hair loss, frizzy hair, dullness, split ends, hair thinning, etc., with a hot oil massage using Tru Hair oil.

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Tru Hair Oil

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Tru Hair Oil – Truly Magical for Healthy Hair

The visionary organisation of Tru Hair oil came into being as recently as 2020. It has incorporated India’s ancient Ayurveda treatments with modern technology to offer excellent solutions to hair care and other body wellness needs. The brand is a far cry from the world of chemicals and has several products that serve as perfect solutions to various hair problems. These include hair oils, shampoos, conditioners, serums, and even hair masks. The Ayurvedic tech company blends modern science with Ayurveda to combat chemical-laden formulations. The brand offers products without paraben, sulphate, LLP, or other harmful ingredients. Every product is made through a cruelty-free process. 

Why Should You Use Tru Hair Oil?

Tru Hair oil is an invention of Ayurveda and Modern Technology combined to solve hair related problems. It is an elixir that boosts the health and nourishment of your hair. Its Ayurvedic herbs enable blood circulation for thicker and stronger hair growth. In an era where styling, pollution, and chemicals invariably damage the hair, Tru Hair helps replenish, rejuvenate, nourish, and smoothen your hair. You will not have many Tru Hair oil side effects to count as it is herbal and has a lightweight and non-sticky formulation. The Tru Hair oil prices vary depending on the ingredients, benefits, and combos available.

Tru Hair Fermented Rice and Coconut Milk Hair Oil with Tru Heater – Ayurvedic Luxury for Your Hair

When you have a fine blend of fermented rice water, onion, coconut and tea tree oil, and coconut milk, you can be assured of the impact of this potent oil. Combat hair issues with this lightweight and non-sticky hair oil that seeps deep into the hair and roots to fight hair loss, nourish and boost blood circulation, and get soft, thick, and shiny locks. The Tru heater helps heat the oil upto 65 degrees within four minutes. It is the ideal temperature for the oil to effectively seep into your hair and scalp for nourishment, hair growth, and combatting hair issues. 

How to Use:

Heat the oil in the heater for a few minutes. Apply the warm oil to your scalp and massage it well. Wash your hair with a gentle Ayurveda shampoo for the best results. You can repeat this 2-3 times a week for at least three months to achieve the best results like healthy growth, glossy texture, and other benefits. 

Tru Hair – Ayurvedic Onion Hair Oil with Heater – Wear Your Hair with Elegance

The Tru Hair Onion Hair Oil works best when heated and massaged into the scalp warm. Tru Hair offers a unique and innovative oil heating device that heats the oil to 65 degrees in 4 minutes, the best temperature to help the oil seep into the scalp, roots, and hair cuticles. Some of the main ingredients of this oil are onions, amlaki, brahmi, useera, methi, hibiscus, mehndi leaves, coconut oil, japa pushpa, rosemary, saurabhanimba, and bhringaraj. These herbs heal and fight hair problems like dandruff, hair fall, etc. 

How to Use:

Heat the oil as per instructions. Start massaging your scalp with warm oil evenly across your scalp and along the length of your hair. You can leave the oil the whole night or wash it with an Ayurveda shampoo after about 20 minutes. 

Tru Hair Ayurvedic Oil Refill Pack – Formulated to Give You Glossy Hair

This Tru Hair oil is infused with 12 pure, exotic, and nutrient-rich natural herbs. It helps prevent hair fall, fights dandruff, and split ends, and protects you from premature greying of hair. Its natural ingredients include brahmi, sesame, hibiscus, gandha karcura, etc. The oil enhances the blood supply to your scalp and strengthens your hair from the roots to give you healthy and lustrous hair growth. 

How to Use:

Apply this oil well across your scalp and evenly across your hair strands. Keep it overnight or at least half an hour to let the ingredients seep into your scalp and hair. Wash your hair with a mild, paraben-free shampoo and use a gentle conditioner. 

Tru Hair Castor Hair Oil– Groom Your Hair Magically

The natural ingredients of this oil include amla (gooseberry), japa pushpa, cottonseed, rosemary, coconut oil, and castor oil. These rich organic ingredients transform dull and dry hair into shiny and lustrous hair. They also promote the healthy growth of hair and prevent excessive hair fall. The positive Tru Hair oil reviews have made it a preferred choice.

How to Use:

Apply the oil on your scalp and across your hair evenly. The gentle scalp massage enables the oil to seep into the roots to enhance blood circulation, essential for hair growth. You can repeat the application about 2-3 times a week for 90 days for the desired results.

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Tru Hair has proved to be a life-saver for several individuals who have experienced dry and damaged hair. Woovly is a renowned brand that has gained immense popularity for its organic skin and hair care products. You can find variants of the Tru Hair oil online and get an insight into their rich ingredients. The brand is very transparent in its offerings, and you can make purchases suited to your needs.

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