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Tweezers are perhaps the first beauty tool that is added to anyone’s vanity. These are often used to shape the eyebrows and tweak out the scattered dark hair on the chin, neck, and other parts of one’s body. They are also used to pluck out the tiny bits of hair left behind after a session of waxing. Tweezers also come in handy when you are applying eye makeup. It helps to hold and place false eyelashes on your eyelid. A pointed tip tweezer can be used to pry out and remove ingrown hair, thorns, a shard of glass, or any other foreign object which has entered the area below the upper layer of your skin. While purchasing hair removal tweezers, ensure that they have a good hold and that there is enough tension between the two arms of the tool for you to use it effectively to pinch and pluck stuff. You must also make sure that the tweezer’s top has the perfect alignment. To ascertain this, lift it up and check closely to see if the tips are well aligned from edge to edge. This will help provide a good grip on the hair or object to be pulled out.

A tweezer is divided into different types depending on the kind of tip it has. There are ones with a flat tip, pointed tip, slant tip, and ones with pointed-slant tips. The tweezer’s price depends on the type of tip, the material used, and its size. You can choose a tweezer that suits your needs from the extensive collections offered by brands like Dash Pro and Sirona.

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What Makes Up a Good Pair of Tweezers

A chimti – which is the tweezer’s meaning in Hindi – is an indispensable part of a woman’s vanity. They are available in different styles like embossed, rubberised, and patterned on the outer edges. These designs help you get a better grip on the tool and avoid slippage. A good pair of tweezers need to be well aligned with sharp yet slightly rounded tips. This ensures efficiency while also keeping them from scratching or injuring your skin or scalp. There should also be a gentle resistance between the two arms of the tool. This ensures that the hair does not slip out once grasped. 

Uses of Tweezers

Eyebrow tweezers are used to get rid of stray hair from one’s eyebrows. They are used to pluck the extra hair from thick eyebrows and make them slimmer and shapely.

A pointed tip comes in very handy during a session of nail art. After the base coat has been applied, the pointed tip of the tweezers can be used to draw different patterns with different coloured nail paints. It can be used to place tiny gems and decals on the manicure to complete the nail art.

When a few grey hairs appear on your head and you don’t wait to schedule a visit to the hairdresser, a cāmaṇam – which is the tweezers meaning in Tamil – can be used to pluck out the hair. You may also use it to hold the strand up and cut it off with a pair of scissors.

Tiny gems can be picked up and placed on desired points of your face to dial up your festive makeup look. 

A slant-tipped tweezer can be used to hold false eyelashes and fix them in place on the eyelid. This can be done very efficiently by holding the tweezer’s bottom to ensure there is no chance of slipping or makeup smudging. 

A Good Pair should have:

It is always advisable to buy the best tweezer you can afford because a good pair can last you for years if maintained properly. Woovly offers you a platform for all your beauty requirements. Go through the prices, shapes, sizes, and materials of the range of these tools on offer and choose the one that suits your need. You can pick a tweezer from brands like Dash Pro and Sirona and have it delivered hassle-free. 


Is the Dash Pro Women Tweezer good for facial hair removal?

With the square tip Dash Pro Women Tweezer, you will be able to remove the finest facial hair with ease as the slant tips of this tool is perfectly aligned for easy hair removal. It has a non-slip grip that helps with easy plucking. 

Which is better: a flat or slant tip tweezer?

The tweezers with a slant tip are very popular because of their versatility. The flat edge of the tip makes it easy to remove the finest of hair.

Can a slant-tipped tweezer help in removing undergrowth hair after waxing or shaving?

A slant-tipped tweezer can be used successfully to remove undergrowth hair after any hair removal treatment. You can also use it to pluck chin hair, finger, toe hair, and any other unwanted body hair.

What is the use of a pointed tip tweezer?

The pointed tipped tweezers are used when one needs to remove ingrown hair or any foreign element like glass, splinter, thorns, etc., that may have penetrated the skin’s surface.

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