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Regular use of vitamin C face cream can leave you beaming and glowing. Vitamin C has been long known for its anti-ageing properties. Its usage can ensure hydration, reduce excessive pigmentation and promote collagen production– all essential to achieving healthy skin. You can use face creams enriched with this key ingredient crafted for all skin types. What’s more? Keeping a youthful complexion need not mean compromising ethics or negatively impacting the environment. Numerous brands believe in going all out to ensure sustainability by creating toxin-free formulations of skin care products. Naturally sourced ingredients, organic, ayurvedic, or vegan formulas- there are many options to choose from. Browse and select from the extensive range of the best vitamin C cream for the face. You can now upgrade your skin with a face cream with vitamin C that fulfils your need offered by some of the best brands like  ArataBella Vita OrganicThe Indie EarthKhadi EssentialsMamaearth. etc. Get started on brightening your looks today!

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Vitamin C Face Cream

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Revive and Revitalise Your Skin with a Vitamin C Face Cream 

Skin is a superb indicator of your overall health. Good health, inside-out, is associated with ample concentrations of vitamin C. It is also known to reduce the melanin production in your skin, leading to a lighter and brighter complexion. Collagen and elastin are natural proteins in your body responsible for soft, supple skin. Vitamin C again plays a key role in the synthesis of these proteins. Although consuming food that’s nutritious and rich in vitamin C is one of the best ways of ensuring this, supplementing the skin with the correct topical cream can do wonders. Vitamin C cream for face benefits includes numerous benefits for every skin type. A well-formulated facial cream can help you address specific skin concerns or work as a preventive aid. However, it is vital to understand your skin type before choosing the vitamin C cream for use on delicate facial skin.  Ease of access to such creams also poses a threat- overdosing the skin with multiple c vitamin face creams. To prevent allergic reactions or disturbance of the sensitive balance, it is best to look for a combination of products that work in harmony, rejuvenate and revitalise your skin. 

Types of Vitamin C Face Cream

Face creams have a thicker consistency than lotions. Based on the purpose, face creams with vitamin C can be categorised broadly.

Vitamin C Moisturising Cream

This type of cream hydrates the skin. The vitamin C in this cream can fight skin damage caused due to sun exposure and pollution, reduce wrinkles and fine lines, add a radiant and hydrated glow, and serve as a barrier against UV radiation. You can choose from water-based or oil-based formulas to suit your skin type.

Vitamin C Day Cream

This type of cream is usually a lightweight formulation which forms a protective layer from external skin-damaging factors. Traditionally formulated with Sun Protection Factor (SPF), this cream fights harmful elements during the day and can work as a barrier. The vitamin C included in such creams is an antioxidant with brightening properties. It diminishes dark spots and reduces pigmentation while creating firm, smoother-looking skin. A day cream can serve as a primer base for makeup too.

Vitamin C Night Cream

This type of cream is loaded with replenishing oils and ingredients compared to a day cream. It is meant for effective deep nourishment of the skin. It has a lightweight formulation with a protective barrier to heal and repair the skin overnight. The vitamin C in such formulations renders therapeutic properties to it. Regular use of night creams with vitamin C also brightens skin tone, reduces scars and spots, and helps maintain youthful, radiant skin. 

Vitamin C Cold Cream

This type of cream is formulated for use, especially in cold weather or winters that are harsh to your skin and cause dry and flaky skin. Winter creams enriched with vitamin C hydrate your skin deeply and boost blood circulation to keep your skin healthy. 

Brands that Sell Vitamin C face cream

Reap the rewards of using vitamin C cream for the face in India. Browse a vast collection of vitamin C-enriched face cream from premium brands like Sanfe, Bella Vita Organic, The Indie Earth, St Botanica, Arata, Mamaearth, Khadi Essentials, GLAMVEDA, etc. So, you can be as selective as you wish while choosing your face cream. There are multiple offerings which are formulated with care. Look for the face cream best suited for you from the extensive range available. Take a step towards self-care; get glowing with the most suitable vitamin C face cream today!