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Zlade - A Must-have for Your Skin and Haircare

Zlade, an Indian company headquartered in Pune, Maharashtra, specialises in grooming and hygiene products for men and women. It offers various skin, body, and hair care products of superior quality but has reasonable prices. Check the exclusive range of shaving gels, creams, pre-shave lotions, hair styling wax, body trimmers for men, beard softeners, and other skincare essentials for women, including coffee scrubs, mini hair removal razors, and many more.

Zlade Ballistic Manscaping Body Trimmer for Men

Get yourself the ultimate ballistic body hair trimmer for the perfect manscaped body. This waterproof cordless trimmer is a wonderful tool for shaving your body, beard, and pubic hair. It has been engineered with the safe-edge technology to give you a precision shave with no nicks or cuts on your sensitive regions. It is also equipped with adjustable attachments with a multi-length comb to get a perfect trim.

How to Use:

Switch it on and glide it along your body, beard, or pubic hair with the desired adjustments and comb attachments. 

Zlade Essentials Shave Prep Kit

The self-grooming shave prep kit has products for a three-step routine. The pre-shave conditioner softens the hair for an incredibly gentle shave. The All-Natural shaving gel is a foamless formula made from nourishing extracts that assists a gliding and comfortable shave. Zlade’s After Shave Cooling Gel soothes the razor burns and hydrates the skin for a refreshing feeling. 

How to Use:

After wetting the face with water, take a few drops of the pre-shave lotion on your palm and rub it over the beard area. Let the conditioner soften the beard, and until then, you can start applying the foamless shave gel and lather it up all over your beard. Take your razor and glide it along hair growth to get a clean shave. You can massage the aftershave cooling gel to soothe the skin.

Zlade Ballistic Hair Styling Wax

If you want to add style to your hair without damaging it, then Zlade Ballistic Hair Styling Wax is for you. It nourishes the hair and keeps your desired hairstyle intact the entire day. Manufactured using authentic products, this is suitable for men with short and medium-length hair.

How to Use:

Take the recommended amount according to your hair length, apply it with your fingers, and rinse it off. Your hair will be ready for the desired hairstyle.

Zlade Essential Coffee Face Mask

Enjoy a spa-like treatment at home with the authentic Zlade Essential Coffee Face Mask. The primary ingredient gets extracted from real ground Arabian coffee- other natural extracts like shea butter, Neem, almond oil, witch hazel, and kaolin clay. Regular use of this face mask helps eliminate dirt and impurities, thus freeing the pores. It prevents pimples and removes tan. Once the dead cells are gone, collagen production increases, giving you a youthful glow on your face. The clay present in this face mask removes the excess oil and moisturises the skin.

How to Use:

Take a pinch or two of the Coffee Face Mask onto your fingers and apply it to your face and neck. Massage your face with gentle upward strokes for excellent results. Rinse and dry, ending with a rejuvenating moisturiser. Regular usage of this face mask will ensure a radiant, healthy look. 

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Zlade offers a range of skincare and haircare products suitable for men and women. Their German-engineered razors have an ergonomic and fashionable build. You can try their various face masks, aftershave gels, pre-shave gels, charcoal scrubs, etc.

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